Escort News Montreal: new answers to questions

  • 22 Aug
    Cinna answered a question
    • do you offer golden showers ?

      by frfio – 22 Aug 2022


  • 23 Mar 2021
    Zoe Wilder answered a question
    Zoe Wilder - escort in Montreal
    Zoe Wilder - escort in MontrealZoe Wilder - escort in Montreal
    • Hello, are you working this weekend?

      by mjberlanga – 23 Mar 2021


  • 4 Apr 2019
    Nora answered 2 questions
    • I’ll be visiting Montréal soon and I don’t know what kind of reference you need. What is a fellow active SW reference?

      by sakman002a – 4 Apr 2019

      That would be the contact of a sex worker you've met already and that can attest you are respectful!
      I have alternative screening methods otherwise : )

    • How can I get a reference?

      by alex2478080 – 4 Apr 2019

      Have you ever met a sex worker? if yes, that is a reference if you send me her name + twitter!