Osaka Escort News

  • 18 Oct 2017
    New escort Domina Yae
    Domina Yae - escort in Osaka
    Domina Yae - escort in OsakaDomina Yae - escort in Osaka
    【Available Course】 One Mistress・Two Mistresses 【Shop Comment】 English Proficiency is not Good. Japanese speaking only. Mobile translator possession. Non smoker. 【Mistress Coment】 【Favorite Plays】 Japaneserope /CBT/Cross Dresser/Fetishplay/ Anal Punishment/Domination/Face slapping/Spanking 【Extra charge】 Pissing ¥1,000 Enema faces ¥5,000 Coprophilia(by Appointment Only) ¥10,000
  • 27 Jul 2017
    New escort Roxanne
    Roxanne - escort in Osaka
    Roxanne - escort in OsakaRoxanne - escort in Osaka
    Hi! My name is Roxanne. I am the girl of your wildest dreams. I am your sexual fantasy. Contact me if you want to experience the ultimate pleasure you have been looking for in your life. Wechat: roxannemoretti277 Line: roxanne-moretti
  • 22 Jul 2017
    New dominatrix Domina Reiko
    Domina Reiko - dominatrix in Osaka
    Domina Reiko - dominatrix in OsakaDomina Reiko - dominatrix in Osaka
    Mistress Reiko your transformation desire is for us come true. Her of the things that are broken as guided masochist in a beautiful limbs slender the fun you will find know.
  • New dominatrix Domina Anna
    Domina Anna - dominatrix in Osaka
    Domina Anna - dominatrix in OsakaDomina Anna - dominatrix in Osaka
    Let's enjoy the unreal world together. It is fun to see your eyes pleasing with shame and pain, and it can not be helped. What is pleasing, panting, sore throat ...... Let me find your sweet and weak place. Welcome to release yourself who you usually can not show to anyone. I am looking forward to where I can fall. Fist hand size (17 cm) Fist size (22 cm)
  • 27 Mar 2016
    New dominatrix Mistress Kira
    Mistress Kira - dominatrix in Osaka
    Mistress Kira - dominatrix in OsakaMistress Kira - dominatrix in Osaka
    【Shop Comment】 English Proficiency is Good. ※Nomination fee 2000 yen 【Mistress Coment】 Fetish and BDSM is the necessary part of my life for me. Also it means Personal-satisfaction and Philosophy in my world. I never take whole any obedience from anyone absolutely. I can invite you to be real-world with your desires, in my world. 【Favorite Plays】 Bondage/ Whipping /Spanking / Brainwashing /Forced Intoxification HeelFetish/FaceSitting/Kinbaku/Hot wax/Breath Control Toilet Training 【Extra charge】 Pissing ¥1,000 / Enema faces ¥5,000 Coprophilia(by Appointment Only)or Emetophilia…
  • New dominatrix Mistress Tamaki
    Mistress Tamaki - dominatrix in Osaka
    Mistress Tamaki - dominatrix in OsakaMistress Tamaki - dominatrix in Osaka
    DOMINA TAMAKI Tall:170cm The size of the foot:25cm Bust:92cm(Fcup) Waist:63cm Hip:93cm 【Available Course】 One Mistress・Two Mistress 【Shop Comment】 Sensibility and exotic S temperament that blame in bit by bit and insidious will What originally propensity she equipped to hold. Please enjoy will lead rather than a strongly intense hard play in the world of maniac M her sweet no chance play ... 【Mistress Coment】 English Proficiency is Excellent. Non smoker. Hello. I’m Tamaki. My pleasure is domination. Roped seems like object Blindfold. I really excited to dominate.…
  • New dominatrix Mistress Rin
    Mistress Rin - dominatrix in Osaka
    Mistress Rin - dominatrix in OsakaMistress Rin - dominatrix in Osaka
    【Shop Comment】 English Proficiency is not Good. Japanese speaking only. Mobile translator possession. 【Mistress Coment】 Japanese Speaker Only. 【Favorite Plays】 Face sitting/Leg worship/Face slapping/Fetish session Mummification/Spanking 【Extra charge】 Pissing ¥1,000 / Enema faces ¥5,000 Coprophilia(by Appointment Only)or Emetophilia ¥10,000
  • New dominatrix Mistress Tsubaki
    Mistress Tsubaki - dominatrix in Osaka
    Mistress Tsubaki - dominatrix in OsakaMistress Tsubaki - dominatrix in Osaka
    【Shop Comment】 English Proficiency is Very Good. 【Mistress Coment】 A little away from the real world, abnormal busy Do not you want to taste the atmosphere unrealistic? I love sensitive people, people with aeration Slave. Let is enjoy together a sense of the pleasure. 【Favorite Plays】 Bondage/ Japaneserope /Cross Dresser/Fetishplay/Facesitting/Whipping /CBT/Spanking/Anal Punishment 【Extra charge】 Pissing ¥1,000 / Enema faces ¥5,000 【Dislikable Plays】 Coprophilia (Scat play)・Emetophilia