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🙋 I'm සමාදි..
😊24 years old
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💎 5Minuts - 500 -
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Incalls per hour from
500 SLRs (US$ 1)
183 cm / 6′0″
Hair color
Sri Lankan
Sri Lanka


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    Had a call with her, was extremely fast and she was absolutely fantastic. Wanted to immediately go back for seconds.

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  • Hello are you available now?

    by Dhanush1 – 19 Feb 2022

    yes send text massage and you can contact me

  • Trying to contact you several times but no answer... Let several messages but no reply. Please get in touch. I really liked your services

    by eastd2813 – 15 Sep 2021

    sorry for that sir. send massage using whatsapp +94 78 416 76 13

  • Trying to contact u, number is not working

    by Kindboy – 9 Sep 2021

    contact me using WhatsApp

  • Trying to contact you several times but no answer... Let several messages but no reply. Please get in touch

    by eastd2813 – 6 Sep 2021

    sorry sir for that come again and enjoy with me

  • Your number doesn't show in whatsapp

    by Chana12345 – 1 Sep 2021

    +94 78 416 76 13
    try karnna sir number 1ka save karala

  • Now you blocked me even without sending details?

    by Frank_Franandus – 17 Aug 2021

    i'm miss fake people

  • still didn't get a reply from you
    my no: 072 XXX XX99
    already sent you messages to your WhatsApp

    by Frank_Franandus – 13 Aug 2021

    i will cheak and come sir

  • Hi I tried to contact you in what'sapp but only hi no other details got

    by Frank_Franandus – 11 Aug 2021

    please send massage and get details

  • Hi are your Sri Lankan ?

    by stepstudios2016 – 6 Jul 2021

    yas sir i'm in sri lanka

  • Can fuck u b9obs

    by Dubai_7 – 24 Jun 2021

    yas i can give you live hot feeling service contact me sir

  • Hi do u do hard sport.scat session ?

    by Diablomt1987 – 14 Jun 2021

    yas i can do that for you honersly

  • Visit karanawada ??

    by slmtalaraonlinelk – 3 Jun 2021

    only cam service

  • hi beautiful. can we meet after this covid crisis please. looking forward.

    by warunaqwert – 30 May 2021

    no sir i'm doing only cam show

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