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I want to see the excitement in your eyes while I look into your deepest, desires. My session will be a momentary escape from the pressure and stress that society imposes on you.

I am WELL KNOWN and HIGHLY SKILLED lifestyle player and Professional Milf Mistress with an excellent reputation, Fascinated by the Middle East and the fantasy of my subs, I spent some of my time in Dubai.

As an expert, very experienced Western Domme, I have a broad spectrum of BDSM interest, here the list of activities I do:

Mind games & mind control
Tease & denial
Sensual and soft domination which gives you an absolutely amazing feeling!
Humiliation, degradation
"Tiny dick" play
Different role plays and scenarios, like a teacher, sexy neighbor or an aunt or a (step) mother of a naughty boy/-girl, well let's go creative!
Adult baby, diapers fetish
Soft medical play
TV and sissy, feminization
Strapon - I'm known as the number one strapon specialist! As the mature Mistress, I build up significant experience in this field!
Tantric prostate massage
Bondage, soft and strict as Japanese rope bondage
Mummification with plastic wrap or latex body bag
Smoldering and breath control
Facesitting, Queening, human furniture
All kinds of training like dog training, pony training, maid training, slut training, toilet training
Showers (golden, brown, roman shower)
All kinds of punishments: whipping, caning, flogging, slapping, spitting, hair pulling, ear pulling, schoolboy, murga etc etc
Shoe and boots adoration, a big collection of different shoes
Trampling with bare feet and with heels
Foot worship, I have very beautiful feet with high arches and the light soles!
Cbt & nipples
Electric stimulators and violet wand
Sounds, also electro sound
All kind of butt plugs, some also vibrating
Masturbators, like flashlight and galaxy, Hitachi vibrator
Body worship (armpits too)
Oral obedience and the servitude
This list is endless...

If you have specific fetishes or role-play ideas, feel free to let me know and I'll see if it intrigues me.
All toys (or rather BDSM equipment) and exciting outfits available!

Incalls per hour from
2,000 AED (US$ 544)
Outcalls per hour from
2,500 AED (US$ 680)
BDSMDominationFace sittingFingeringFistingFoot fetishGiving hardsportsMassagePartiesRole playSex toysSpankingStraponTantric massageTie and teaseUniformsGiving watersportsWebcam sex
English (Fluent)
Dutch (Fluent)
175 cm / 5′9″
Hair color


  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    What a pleasure to meet and kneel before Mistress Dinah. She is absolutely stunning in person. She led me to places that I was afraid to go. Her experience shines in everything she does. I can't recommend her highly enough! She has the most beautiful feet I've ever seen.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Today represent special day as it's been a second year serving Mistress Dinah.
    In the beginning, i was very nervous and could not think that i would explore so many kinky areas. But thanks to Mistress Dinah, i did.
    Mistress Dinah in addition to her beauty has a very unique style of giving you what you want and even push you to whole new areas that you even did not know, one day you would be liking it. She is extremely professional in training her slaves.
    First, i was only into foot fetish but now thanks to Mistress Dinah, i like a lot more fetishes that did not think i ever would, such as for example the
    Golden Champaign!
    I learned how to become a real slave, what to do and not to do, how to put Mistress needs as the priority.
    So Mistress Dinah, Thank You for making me your slave and a better man.

    Thank You Mistress Dinah

    Head down at Your feet

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I am writing this review for Mistress Dinah on Valentine's Day, with hope to surprise her.
    Mistress Dinah gives for many years sessions in Dubai and she deserves the biggest compliments and millions of hugs as a sign of appreciation for her great Domina - service!
    Her sessions are absolutely magnificent, she is also a wonderful and warm-hearted person, always nice on the phone or by writing her messages, great listener (of course, you must not abuse her friendlessness).
    She is beautiful, cultural and sophisticated what in combination with her kinky site gives an ultimate kick!  
    I know Mistress Dinah 6 years right now, but she always knows how to surprise me. 
    Dear Dinah thank You! Have a wonderful day.
    Your slave. 

    Dear Marcus, what a wonderful review! Thank you for your kind words. What a surprise for Valentine's Day! Whauw!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by


    Its not my first time that i have visited Mistress Dinah but I'm always curious and nervous of what to expect since every time she adds special twist to her session. This is what makes her session very unique and memorable. Well, after all, you cannot expect less from a "Legendary" Mistress. She is very professional and talented.

    So i knocked the door and welcomed warmly by Mistress Dinah. She is an absolutely breath-taking. Very elegant, beautiful and classy. But do not let that smile fools you. She can be strict if you dare to disobey her orders.

    After entering, i was ordered to kneel and kiss each of her shoes. And after a bit of reviewing, the true session began. I was ordered to lick the dirt of her shoes, suck her heels and to remove her beautiful ted shoes with my teeth and said: "better not to destroy my shoes slave!".

    After i have removed her shoes, Mistress Dinah ordered me to massage her feet. Wow... what a beautiful dark blue nails!! Then Mistress Dinah ordered me to start sniffing her feet... what an aroma it was.

    I really was waiting for her orders to start kissing and licking her gorgeous feet. Mistress Dinah was moving her feet around my face and said "Do you want to Worship my feet slave? " and i replied: Yes Mistress but Mistress Dinah said "beg for it".

    I was begging but it seems i was not good enough. She grabbed my hair and said " You pathetic slave are not worthy enough to worship my feet" and spit right in my mouth. Then she stood on the side near window and ordered me to crawl towards her. Then she orders me to start worshipping her feet. Cannot think that anything else would be tastier than Mistress Dinah feet. When Mistress Dinah saw the enjoy on my face, i got a few foot slap write on my face and ordered me to say 10 times "I like the taste of your feet" . After finished saying it, got a more foot slaps. She also trampled me, whipped me and many other things that i would never thought i might experience it and love it. She certainly can push your limits. She also has the tastiest spit, arm pit and golden shower.

    A true "Legend" . No word can truly describe her talent and beauty. Thats why, i always love to session with her. You never get enough of worshipping her. A true wonderful addiction. The happiest moment of my life is while worshipping her. She gives you a smile that its hard to tell no to her. A true honor to worship Mistress Dinah.

    Very beautiful, it was nice to read this review, you did your best to make me happy!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Dominatrix Dinah is one of the top domination Mistresses i have seen in a long, long time. Wow, what a lady! Beautiful, stunning, mature Mistress with amazing feet, sensual yet cruel and is a true professional. Very highly recommended to anyone looking for a natural dominant and experienced Mistress in Dubai. She delivered a fantastic session where she played with me to perfection, and has all the right toys to keep you dominated. Truly a 5 star experience, do not miss a chance to contact her if you are in Dubai, you won't be disappointed.

    Lovely, thank you

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Dear Mistress Dinah,It was Indeed my pleasure serving for you today. You were too wonderful and i really really enjoyed submitting myself to you. I thank you from my heart for giving me an opportunity to serve you. You are the best and i am really looking forward to serve for you again.

    It was indeed a very good session and I hope to see you soon again.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Dominatrix Dinah, I am so happy that I met you back in UAE now.
    I know Dinah since more than 10 years and Dinah is a very well know mistress in Germany, where I come from.
    I can say that she is the one performing the real BDSM.
    Her warm and friendly character invites for good conversation
    and at the same time, she shows her dominant way to play.
    She is a real native dominant professional!
    Dinah knows what she is doing and her whip has a sweet and spicy taste, someone into harder BDSM game will enjoy it from the first moment!
    Dinah, hope you will stay in the country and will see you soon again - Kiss

    Yes, there is all BDSM history behind us, let's see what kind of taste will have my whip the next time. It might be kind of surprise

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I met Mistress Dinah for the session of 1 hour.

    In one word - AMAZING!

    We met in her place, she greeted me in a sexy, shiny outfit.

    We had time to chat about my fantasy, after this, THE MISTRESS slowly guided me into her game!

    I love the way Dinah dominates, her mind games and technics are artistic and based on the huge experience. Dinah has the ability to feel people, She is also very sexy and kept me hot through the whole hour. 

    Beautiful, classy feet with high arches, long toenails, and soft porcelain white skin. 

    For me the best feet and the best, unique Femdom experience, you want to repeat! 

    It was very nice to see you, I had fun!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Dear Mistress Dinah, I write this today to thank you for giving me the chance to serve You!
    I had an excellent time.

    I loved every part of our session and I remember every single thing, like go down on my knees, bow down, cleaning your high heels, sniffing your divine feet.
    Your toes and your soles are amazing and I fall in love with you when you open the door in your PVC outfit.

    Thank you so much, my Mistress, for the chance to serve a true Goddess like you.
    I wish I can spend my whole life as your slave. You are the best Domme ever and very good hearated person, I love you.

    Whole life might be pretty boring, but you are welcome to visit me soon again

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I booked 2 hours with Dinah and I paid 3000, it was the best-spent money in my life.
    I am impressed by her charms.
    Professional, but easy going, number 1 Dominatrix. The session was very good.
    As I said in my first sentence, you get by Dinah value for your money.
    She takes the time for you and put attention to all your wishes.
    It went as this, first I dropped Dinah an email, then she gave me the choice to fill up the form or to give her more and less the free hand, after a nice conversation on the phone I have chosen the second option, the idea to give her the free hand excited me a lot!
    When I came on the appointment after entering her apartment I had to kiss her feet first, it was the must!
    Later, she allowed me to sit normally on the couch and relax, I was quite nervous, probably she felt this.
    She offered something to drink, I got a coffee, then she said -
    "you are not only my slave but also my guest."

    I could feel her care, she came sit next to me and we start briefly discuss my limits, after this Dinah asked me -
    "do you like to play with a safe word, or without?" I've chosen again for the second option so I gave myself totally to Her, with my body and soul. I was fearing a bit, but I had the big trust too!!
    Dinah has a huge collection of tools and some other exciting equipment, except all her professionalism and the knowledge, the ability to feel people make her so good that she even can play without tools, you will submit to her anyway just by looking into her eyes!
    I will not write more details, it is for everyone to discover and as she told me, she plays with each person differently. You must never ask her “what are you going to do to me” because her sessions are not standard and not the same, this is what she told me.
    After the session, I got a great aftercare, so I had some time to “recover “.
    Dinah is a nice person to talk to, she has a big name in the BDSM World but is normal and not arrogant.
    She is the artist too, she showed me her paintings before I left, I was impressed.

    Many details, but I like it, thank you so much, you made my day!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I had surprising and impressive moments with Mistress Dinah last Saturday. She is very sexy, tall, great body, big boobs, long legs and nice shaped bottom.
    After the last session with Dinah, I can say that for me she is the best Mistress of all times, but of course, it all depends on someone's taste.
    She is for sure the best in bondage from all Mistresses I visited in Dubai, this I can tell because I am very much into bondage and I tried a lot and with many.
    Dinah bandaged me with ropes so I couldn't move even a few centimeter then she started to tease me in such a way that I thought I am going to jump out of my skin! She was tickling me a bit too, very erotically with her nails, later I could serve her with my face by her queening. I must say it was the extreme good experience, she's one of the kind, that's for sure.
    Thank you Dinah, 5 stars for you from your Toni, always yours.

    Dear Toni, thank you so much for this lovely comment, I already have some creative ideas about our next session

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    A Mistress to- Adore, worship, respect and serve.
    Incredible costumes, perfect role playing. With her breadth of experience in all aspects of BDSM. She was the one and only professional dominatrix visiting us in the Emirates. Catering to our fetishes, way before this trend in "Professional Dominatrices" arriving a masse !.
    Mistress Dinah, currently living in Dubai offers BDSM session in a safe, sane and consensual environment.
    Her expertise in the human psyche is truly astonishing. She knows what our masculine slave mentality is craving for. And she does. Her limits are only limited to our imagination. Remember boys - we are like canvas in front of a truly gifted artist.
    But above and beyond all this, she is a beautiful person, who understands us, never judging, always indulging. Her beauty is not limited physically but spiritually too.
    A Dominatrix worth living and dying for . A Mistress who helps to escape this mundane, vanilla existence. A true genius in her field. I can't wait for my next BDSM session with her. I wanna escape with her. Definitely recommended. For her it is a lifestyle . A choice. A calling.

    Great to read so many beautiful words from the obedient servant of mine for so many years! Servant and the friend.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I know Mistress Dinah from Amsterdam and I met Her several times in Dubai, She has always created a session responding to my fantasies and ideas. There is a short chat before play in which She comes across as charming, kind and engaging, and yes! She is as beautiful in real life as She is in Her photographs. Sophisticated and naturally dominant.
    Dear Dinah, thank You so much for the session tonight, You are beautiful and divine. I was nervous and You put me at ease... Much love from your humble slave T

    Thank you so much for this amazing review, I really appreciate your words!
    It is a pleasure to play with you.


  • Dear Mistress Dinah are you in Dubai now?

    by feetloverdxb – 25 Nov 2021

    Yes, I am in Dubai until 5 Dec., it will be very nice to see you for an exciting session. I have some new toys and of course a great collection of shoes and the other attributes. +971588973805

  • 23 Jun 2021
    I am a foot slave, i like being collared like a pet and bow down under your feet and beg to worship them. Do you offer that mistress?

    by Christiansam212 (102 other questions) – 18 Nov 2021

    Good day, sorry for this very late answer, I just got to Dubai! Of course session like this is possible and it is one of my favorite, so you are very welcome to visit me. I am in the wonderful, and very discreet location where we can have a lot of fun, contact Me for more info +971588973805

  • Do you trampling in heels , and cant you put the heel in my belly button ?

    by Rami_tawfiq (121 other questions) – 2 Mar 2021

    Yes, sure I can trample with heels and I can stick my heel into you belly button.

  • are you willing to travel to india , if i call you

    by sukhjitsinghricky (23 other questions) – 2 Mar 2021

    No, sorry, you will need to travel for a session to Dubai when I will be there.

  • Domme Dinah, I am travelling tomorrow to Dubai and I will like to have a dinner date with you and 2 hrs session after it, is it possible?

    by Viaden (1 other question) – 23 Dec 2019

    Good day, thank you for your question. Yes, we can have 2 hours session tomorrow, and also the dinner date. I will give you a good price for Christmas. I only like to suggest different order, so first, our session and dinner date after the session, because it is not good to have a domination experience with a very full stomach.

  • Dear Dinah, I hope to visit you on December 24th, or are you traveling for Christmas?

    by Viaden (1 other question) – 17 Dec 2019

    Good evening, yes, it looks like I will spend fetish Christmas this year! I decided not to travel, so I will be in Dubai.
    Lucky you, you can visit me! Let's have unforgettable Christmas session.

  • What are your timings and do you have humbler?

    by brenobreno1 (1 other question) – 12 Dec 2019

    Timings of my sessions are usually 12.00 - 11.00 pm, I never offer sessions late at night. Yes, I have all kind of tools for CBT, so also the humbler.

  • Is your location easy to follow, and are there some difficulties by the entrance which I should be aware of?

    by brenobreno1 (1 other question) – 8 Dec 2019

    Good morning, yes, my beautiful location is very easy to find, and there is an easy and very discrete entrance directly from the parking.
    No difficulties.

  • Mistress what are your timings? Do you have small strapon ?

    by Bian – 28 Sep 2019

    Good afternoon, I give sessions every day and you are welcome to visit me between 1pm - 11pm . YES, I have 3 strapons in 3 different sizes, also small one for the beginners. Except this, I have also very special vibrator for your prostate and a small electro-butt-plug! My feeling says you you will enjoy it.

  • Dear Mrs Dinah, Very sorry to say but it seems my review on our two year anniversary has been blocked by the moderator of this website. Thank you for the wonderful time we have spend together.

    by KinkyFerry – 11 Jul 2019

    Dear Farry, this is really not nice that the moderator did not place your review. Was it written in "slave to Mistress "language?
    It might be the reason for not posting it, probably some moderator did not understand our fetish language!
    By the way, it is not the first time that the review is not passing through, so it is not only in your case.
    Anyway, thank you for your good intentions and doing your best for me. You are a very good servant and friend, I really appreciate your efforts!

  • Can I have hard caning session?

    by Hard_slave – 7 Jul 2019

    YES! Sure! Welcome! I am very talented in caning! Do you know OWK? There are plenty of videos produced by OWK with my caning.
    I played violin in my childhood, so I have a flexible hand wrist this makes my caning exceptional good.

  • Hello Madam, I am not into domination and also not into intercourse, but I would love to experience sensual and sexy massage including my prostate! Is it possible? I like your feet too, but I am not a slave.

    by PMolen – 30 Jun 2019

    Hi, I understand you and YES, you are very welcome to visit me!
    My sessions are not only for "slaves" but also for fetishist and all kind of gentle people with kinky desires. I am naturally dominant, but when you come I will treat you as a friend who likes to try something new, WELCOME!

  • Mistress Dinah, I like to book for tomorrow - Sunday evening is it possible?

    by handsomeboy1000 (1 other question) – 29 Jun 2019

    Yes, sure, welcome! Return first to my profile to view the list with activities and contact me to make a booking.

  • Hi Mistress! I wish to experience a good pegging session, the problem only is that I am very tight so I cannot handle it as I should (it is painful). My question is do you have a small strapon and can you make pegging without pain?

    by handsomeboy1000 (1 other question) – 27 Jun 2019

    Good morning, YES, of course, I provide pegging it is exciting and currently very modish. YES, I have a special strapon in a small size for tight boys like you! Besides that, I have almost 20 years of experience, so sure I can fulfill your fantasy without hurting you.
    When do you think to visit me?

    My web:

  • Mistress are you into ticking?

    by St000 (3 other questions) – 25 Jun 2019

    Good evening. YES, I enjoy tickling sessions! My attitude is dominant, but I am also a fun person. Tickling is fun so I will tickle you!
    You can tickle me too, but only a bit as a kind of teas to tickle you even more.

  • Dear Ms. Dinah, I would love to play a role-play in which you are my aunt or stepmother who seduces me with the sexy walk, body movements, sexy look, eyes, mouth, talking "dirty" and who force me to obey and do whatever she likes with me...

    by steveroger (1 other question) – 20 Jun 2019

    Dear Steve, very welcome! You got the right person to fulfill your fantasy. I am experienced, professional milf Mistress, well-known fetish actress, and professional adult entertainer so I am good in all kind of role-play and taboo, pervert scenarios. My body is sexy and elegant, I will whisper into your ear many hot words, seduce you with my eyes and use you for ONLY my fun!
    Contact me to discuss all the details and I hope to see you soon.

  • Do you have some new toys Mistress?

    by St000 (3 other questions) – 11 Jun 2019

    As you know I have all kind of toys or better said professional BDSM equipment, new penis pomp and sucking masturbator which will give you amazing, tingling sensation!

  • Hello Mistress Dinah, I see your profile online, are you now in Dubai?

    by St000 (3 other questions) – 7 Jun 2019

    Good evening, YES I am in Dubai, you can visit me for an exciting and kinky session, welcome, be my guest and will show you...

  • Dear dominatrix, do you offer also sensual domination like tender kind of treatment?
    Is it possible to have a painless session?

    by boybeta – 28 Jan 2019

    Good afternoon, I am well-known Domme from OWK and I like hard games, BUT be sure that I'm also a very TENDER and SENSUAL woman with a SEXY hot face and beautiful body. I am friendly, well educated and classy.
    YES! My sessions can be PAINLESS too, always EXCITING!
    I will seduce you with my charms and sex appeal.
    Teasing is my specialty!
    These days, there is also a possibility to attend a double session with me & my sexy Assistant Carla. So it will be a double fun and double pleasure! Please view the video on my profile.
    More questions? Call or whatsapp +971588973805
    See you soon!

  • Dear Mistress do you do fisting? And how long are your nails?

    by steveroger (1 other question) – 22 Jan 2019

    YES, I do fisting and other anal stretchings and my nails are nice and middle length s not long! It is very safe for the fisting - no scratches.
    I have also a special fisting lubricant from Bondora for the ultimate fisting effect.

  • Dear Mistress Dinah, do you have a full outfit for a sissy also boobs and a fake pussy?

    by St000 (3 other questions) – 14 Jan 2019

    Dear Steve, thank you for your question. YES, I have many exciting items for feminization, a blond wig, different dresses, sexy lingerie, and nylons. I have also a nice bra and big boobs for you BUT I rather play with your natural "pussy" than I use a fake one!
    For more info about me visit
    My phone/WhatsApp is +971588973805

  • Hi dear mistress
    do you provide hardsport? Can I eat? Can you do it stinky and force me to eat?

    by Shy_boy (26 other questions) – 29 Aug 2018

    This question is better to discuss with me by email [email protected] or by phone/WhatsApp +971588973805

  • I just came to Dubai and will be here for 2 weeks and trying to see my options for some professional BDSM services... How much time-days in advance I must give you in order to secure a booking?

     – 30 Apr 2018

    To be absolutely sure, the best is to contact me 1 or 2 days in advance, but you can also try the same day in the morning if you wish to come in the afternoon or evening.
    The best, call me tomorrow, my phone/WhatsApp nr. +971588973805

  • I am a beginner in BDSM and still do not have the "guts" to try... would u accept first-timers for your sessions?

     – 30 Apr 2018

    Of course! I love to play with a novice! Welcome, be my guest!
    [email protected]

  • Dear Mistress Dinah what color pedicure do you have right now?

    by Tom1234 – 20 Feb 2018

    Hot Red!

  • Hi
    do you provide "Giving Hardsports"?

     – 10 Dec 2017

    Yes, more details better by email!
    [email protected]

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