My name is Mistress Anita and I love to introduce you to my World of BDSM !
This is NOT an Escort Service, a Girl Friend Experience or a Massage Service.
Whether you are experienced or completely new to this, you will be in the very best hands to get an experience of a life time!

I am an established and very well respected Belgian Dominatrix with Latin roots, living in Dubai.
Over the years, I have obtained an excellent reputation as a professional Mistress both in Europe as well as in the entire Middle East.
My sessions take place in the comfort of my very discreet and safe apartment and I keep a vast collection of professional tools, equipment and outfits.

I take great pride in tailor making my sessions to your personal interests and needs.
Our time together can be sensual with soft domination or be in fact very strict and extreme. The session can evolve around humiliation and degradation, consist of mind games & control and can even include soft or hard punishment, just to name a few options.

It goes without saying that safety, discretion and hygiene are extremely important and information we exchange is kept completely confidential.

Feel free to check my websites and for reviews, videos and great pictures.

To receive details about my sessions and to meet up today kindly contact me by Whatsapp

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You can ask me for my blog on Twitter.
This blog makes choosing your options from pictures super easy, especially for newcomers.
You do not need a Twitter account to see the pictures.
Feel free to tell me about any other fetishes and fantasies you may have.


1 hour 2000 dhs
1.5 hours 2500 dhs
2 hours 3000 dhs

میسٹرس دوبٸی
دوبٸی میسٹرس
دوبٸی پاٶں
گلف میسٹرس
میسٹرس دوبٸی مے
پیروں کی غلامی دوبٸی
فیم ڈوم دوبٸی
کشیده زدن
تف کردن
فلک کردن
کون کردن
زیربغل لیسیدن
روصورت نشستن
زیرپاله کردن
فتیش سیگار
میسترس Mistress
پالیسی Foot Licking
شاش خوری Golden Shower
برده Slave
سگ Dog
پرستش Worshiping
دیلدو Dildo

Incalls per hour from
2,000 AED (US$ 544)
BDSMDominationFace sittingFistingFoot fetishRimming receivingRole playSex toysSpankingStraponTie and teaseGiving watersports
English (Fluent)
175 cm / 5′9″
Hair color


  • Rating: 5 / 5by (3 other reviews)

    I met Mistress Anita a while ago. She is tall, beautiful and has an amazing body. I had great time with her. She’s a true strap on expert she took care of my ass in a really professional way. I can’t wait to meet her again!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (3 other reviews)

    i had the best session with mistress anita, she destroyed my slutty ass and i enjoyed every second of it!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I had a session with Mistress Anita.
    First of all, she is very professional, everything is so safe and strict so you feel completely comfortable.
    She is an extremely beautiful Lady and very well knows what she is doing.
    I would suggest anyone to meet her without thinking twice.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (5 other reviews)

    Amazing feet and super dominant attitude. Can be a little pushy with medical toys, but if you ask nicely she will do whatever your fantasies are. All in all a superb experience.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Stunning and amazing by high class class mistress. Super professional, knows what she’s doing and fully in control.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Thank you Mistress for a wonderful session. I was nervous going in for a session as it was my first time serving any mistress, but she eased me into the session while maintaining a strict persona. I can still taste her gorgeous in my mouth. Looking forward to visit Dubai again and serving Mistress Anita

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Misstress Anita is amazing! She is very clear in setting up the session. She has a great location. The powers of the Mistress are incredible and she will have you on edge for the entire session! The session is absolutely exhilarating and Mistress Anita is so beautiful!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I think she is from heaven
    She is not from our planet sure
    Raise your thoughts about her
    She is some thing amazing i cant explain
    For me i hope i will be always serving her as her salve forever
    She is only for the most lucky people in this world
    I did many session with her and now i Just finish my session with her and i will do more and more and sure i will not get enough of her

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I just had two sessions in one day with Mistress Anita, 2 weeks ago, and they were both amazing. Probably the best sessions I will ever experience.
    She really tailors the session to what you want it to be. I would truly recommend her to any one who is interested in having any type of fetish sessions
    Cant wait to see her again.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    An amazing mistress that you would like to worship every part of her body. She is very elegant, understanding and beautiful. Nothing in the world is better than being with her.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Also I taken session today, really Mistress Anita perfect job, she know what you need it , only tell her what your fetish and she fast understand and she give you what you want .
    Thanks mistress

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Having a session with Mistress Anita was the most amazing experience of my life. She has a great place for conducting sessions. When I first saw her standing I was almost lost in Her beauty, She has a perfect figure and awesome style. For sure she is elegant and high class lady. Her pictures do not do her just justice; she is simply stunning. With a body to die for, could spend an eternity worshiping it.
    Cannot go into full details of session but Mistress Anita really pushed my boundaries, just as requested. I was a bit afraid of pain but at the end of session I was loving it. Her smile was something which was making me do all this.
    You can instantly tell on meeting her that she is not one of these Dominants that do not have to think themselves into the role. She simply is being herself and that to me is the most naturally Dominant women I have ever had the fortune to knee before.
    If Mistress Anita will tell you to be a dog, seriously you are a dog for her. She is so naturally bossy that you always obey her.
    I must say the experience of having session with her was great as she is totally in control of her tools and domination techniques.
    I bet even if I will have a thousand more sessions with her still I will wish for more.
    Dubai is not Dubai without Mistress Anita; She is my mistress, my muse, my inspiration, my dream, my total desire.
    My First, My Last, My Everything.
    Thank You Mistress Anita, being your slave is beyond amazing.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    When I first saw Great Mistress Anita I couldn’t believe how beautiful She looked. To this day I am also still astounded by how stylish She is.Like a celebrity or Miss universe. Simply a breath taking beauty with brain. God broke the mold after he created Mistress Anita.
    Her hair are the most silky and perfect and Her eyes are so beautiful that I don’t know what is prettier, the water, the sky or Her eyes. During session I always light up her cigarette and when she looks into my eyes during that omg I feel like totally under her power. Every time she looked at me I felt her energy. She knows what she wants from a slave.
    She has an absolute cutest, most perfect set of bare feet and trust me it was really a privilege to lick, kiss and bow to her feet. I mean her feet are sublime and so perfect that I just kissed her feet romantically and that too many many times and right now even while typing this I am missing her feet and her great presence.
    I wish I could explain how I feel when Mistress Anita smiles. The way my world is brightened up by Her smile, I cannot describe. Specially the proud smile of on her face when I am licking and cleaning her beautiful feet with all my dedication is simply a priceless smile. Honestly this made me feel that she is a Queen and I am her servant for life.
    She is not only beautiful but intelligent as well. Perfect Mistress to give your full control to. She makes you lick her feet and then next minute you are running around like a puppy finding your bone. She knew when to press a specific button of your soul. She is so perfect as a Mistress that you surrender and surrender by giving her complete control over you. She can really extend your limits and trust me you will enjoy this, as it is very safe.
    It’s like a heaven when I massaged the feet, legs and back of my Queen Mistress Anita.
    Mistress Anita also take care of a slaves hygiene during session, trust me guys her feet are even cleaner then the face or lips of many ladies out their haha 😛 Even the dog bowl was very clean, of course a sensible and classy owner always care about her pet.
    I feel a pride that now I am one of her real time servants. I don’t deserve this blessing but She truly deserve to own worshippers like me.
    Dear Mistress It is always great spending time serving you. Those moments with you are in fact the most precious pearls of my life that lighten up my world even in the darkest hours. I don’t know why time moves so fast whenever I am in your feet and it becomes such a drag when you are not there. I terribly and desperately wait to meet you again and again. I just miss and love you so much.
    Your slave forever and ever,

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    The best mistress in the world,, Mistress Anita great mistress,, really really 5 star mistress.. thanks mistress

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Well I had a session with Mistress Anita 2 days back. Being her admirer I always followed her on twitter and on her website from last couple of years. To have a session with her was my biggest desire. So I messaged her and asked her about a session. Due to my hectic schedule I was not sure about the time so my great Mistress told me to be sure about time and then to contact her.
    Well after getting sure I contacted her and thanks to her that she decided to bless me with a session. She is very selective about allowing slaves to serve her to be careful about that, a good message with a good presentation can win her heart to allow you to serve her .Her apartment in Dubai is at a very good location and is very discreet. The moment I saw her for the first time I found her as the most beautiful, elegant, majestic and pretty lady on this earth. Very clean and super-fit. She is so so beautiful that my words cannot explain that.
    Her feet are the most beautiful feet I have ever seen in my life and her soles are heavenly. Honestly I think I don’t deserve to even kiss her feet. She is a complete Goddess, no question about that. And yes her smile is unique and pretty.
    She has a perfect attitude and can get into your mind and can also read your heart. Serving her was an absolute honor. She started to train me and honestly I was just swimming inside that sea. I guess I kissed her feet a million times and even at this moment while writing this review I miss her feet.
    Let me tell you, she is a pure Goddess with a pure heart, very nice and elegant too. She care about her slaves too and yes she is cruel too at time 😉
    I am planning to have many many more sessions with her because she is expert in doing this and she knows what she is doing. You can feel safe in her hands.
    Anita’s Charlie

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    The session i had with Mistress Anita was my first session at this level. and man I loved it!
    She has a great combination between being dominant and nice at the same time. God Anita is verrry clean and extremely professional. She is also very smart to adjust the session direction and intensity based on your reaction. which makes pleasure time pass by without you noticing.
    i worship her feet, her ass, her pussy...everything about her.
    highly recommended

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    In the world of foot mistresses there is one name that stands head and shoulder above her contemporary is My Goddess Anita.
    I have been to several mistresses in India and Several countries but after one session with this divine Goddess I have stopped going to anyone else.
    it is very difficult to express what happens during the session. It is something that you have to experience yourself.
    You go in a different world. Her persona is so majestic and her feet hypnotic, divine, angelic, holy , heavenly, celestial , consecrated , sanctified. Her feet are so soft and tender I at times feared if my parched lips would hurt them.
    There is absolute heaven beneath those marvelous soles. You want to surrender your soul.
    The best part is she is so professional she takes extreme care of your fetishes, she takes great pains to know your likes.she gives a list of fantasies to choose from, just amazing, never seen anywhere else. her voice is so commanding you instantly start obeying her instructions, just like a school student.
    If you are in to feet your life is not complete without a session with this supreme goddess. I would suggest even the guys who are not in to feet should also pay one visit.
    my personal opinion is if you have any health problem ask her to keep her foot on that part of the body for 5-10 minutes. I was cured of my slipped disc. This is my personal experience.
    Don't wait. Just go ahead. it is worth many times over.
    Thanks Goddess for the most wonderful time. M planning again to come to Dubai for 6th session. Everytime it is nmore exciting than the previous one.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Mistress, I had a great session today. I can still smell your foot, pussy and Ass. I’m not going to take a shower to keep ur smell. Thank you

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Met mistress Anita few days ago and I really cant find the words to describe my gratitude to her and how lucky I was to had the honor and privilege to meet her.
    The moment I laid my eye on her I knew right away that I was in presence of a Goddess. I was hooked immediately by her beauty (she is way more beautiful than I would've imagined), sexiness, attitude and charisma. she started with a brief interview to know me better and know my fetishes and satisfied them completely during the session. her feet are delicious and smell amazing, could not get enough of them. and dont worry about your privacy and safety she is completely professional and thoughtful. god, what I can say? i walked in as a man and 90 minutes later I walked out that door a completely satisfied bitch.
    I am coming back for more Mistress, thank you.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I followed Mistress Anita for over a year on her twitter to finally find the courage to book an overnight experience with her yesterday. When I first entered the apartment I couldn’t believe how gorgeous and overwhelming she is!! And most of all, how powerful she was!! She showed her dominating character the moment I stepped into her realm. You like it or not, but you belong to Mistress Anita the moment you decided in your mind to book a session with her. It’s not going to be easy to submit your power to her, but definitely it will be the most pleasurable. Mistress Anita will read you from the first sight!! For example, usually you use a safe word during the session. But with me, the session started the moment I rang the bell… I had to submit to her realm without a safe word even, and she knows how to deal the best with her slave the whole night. She read my limits without even me being spoken. She looks at you and immediately identifies your deepest fantasies and limits! Simply saying, a mind control to her is business as usual!!
    I don’t need to describe her perfect feet and how soft they are, because with Mistress Anita it’s not only about the eatable perfect feet, it’s about something touching your soul at areas that you didn’t know it exist even!!
    I was so overwhelmed with her demands and punishments that the night passed without even noticing… she gave me such dedication and time to put me in trance while fulfilling my desires.
    Don’t respect her commands and she will make sure you regret such decisions. Listen to her carefully and obey the smallest command and she will show you to heaven.
    I give her a description of my desires (the more details you describe the better experience you’ll have), but at the same time I told her “I like surprises”. And maaaan!!! She introduced me to a whole new world of BDSM!! Be careful of what you wish for!! She did things that usually didn’t turn me on, but within her hands dust can be turned into gold… I enjoyed every single second of the overnight experience, even when we went to sleep, after begging my mistress in the correct manner and being a good slave, she gave me the privilege to sleep at her feet ( a slave can’t be awarded such an honor easily!!). That was not the problem, the issue was I couldn’t sleep as I was kissing and licking her feet the whole time. Being careful though not to disturb my mistress and let her rest.
    You can’t ignore her commanding and dominating character from the moment she opens her eyes in the morning. She doesn’t forget that there is a slave to be taking care of… from morning washing to feeding her slave for breakfast…. Then, whatever she dreamed of during the night you’ll have to replicate….
    Honestly, even this review can’t describe what I have felt and experienced. This is only a glimpse of what a slave could expect. For a slave to enjoy his fantasies and make them a dream comes true affair, a slave must experience the overnight session, because Mistress Anita doesn’t care about the money as she cares about her slaves being served
    From a slave to a slave: leave those other amateur mistresses to deal with fake slaves and be a real slave and surrender to Mistress Anita for one night…. ( and this is an advice from an experienced slave 😉 )
    Classy Mistress Anita: Words can’t describe my gratefulness for your slave treatment last night…. I can only say, I became addictive to you and every chance I’ll get I will be serving under your feet definitely!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (5 other reviews)

    I met Mistress Anita a few weeks back and I'm so glad I did! I have served a few mistresses before but nothing can match the experience I had with her. She knows what she is doing for sure. Her feet are truly divine and I cant wait to serve her again soon!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Mistress anita
    It was a great experience. It was a dream come true. Mistress anita is a high class mistress. Her feet are soft like silk. I enjoyed sucking and licking every bit of them .
    I will visit her every time I am in Dubai.
    Mistress anita thank you for the great session ❤❤❤

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Thank you Mistress, my experience with you can not be explained in words. I loved every moment and long to see you again and again. I love kissing your beautiful feet and sucking your toes. I want to admit that I see your feet every day to keep me going.
    Your professionalism is rare to find and your personality is out of this world.
    Hope to be in another session very soon to serve you.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Mistress Anita
    I really want to thank you so much for yesterday's session it's by far the best thing that happened to me in my life it has been my dream since I was very young to be in that position and finally you made my dream come true the best way ever.
    I can't thank you enough for making my first and only experience as a slave that unique, you made me feel like a real slave under your feet and you dominated me to the most by turning me into your little puppy ?, I felt like I was completely owned and controlled by your dominance and beauty to the point that even after the session was over and I got dressed I wasn't able to talk to you or even stand up without your permission.
    I really have alot to say but as much as i talk i won't be able to express how i felt during and after the session.
    Thank you so much my goddess and I hope I see you very soon to explore more and more.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    I met mistress anita for a second session after a long time. She is just getting more beautiful and irresistible. My heart just melted the moment I touched her feet with my lips. Her beauty simply crosses the level of description. She gave me mixed emotions : a combination between humiliation and devotion worshiping her feet. Thanks a lot ma'am. I would definitely have one more session with you soon

  • Rating: 4 / 5by

    I liked how efficient and professional she was arranging the session. She asked for all the information about my interests and asked to choose from her blog the fetishes that I am into and customized the session accordingly. Directions to her place were easy to follow. We had a nice chat about the session before we started and had such a great connection from the beginning. It is easy to talk to her and open up.
    She is a skilled and trained Dominatrix and the money is definitely  well spent!
    Her pics are accurate and she smells divine and has impeccable hygiene. She is very well spoken and has superior verbal skills. She is always polite, but firmly in control of me as the level and intensity of play has increased at an exciting, but comfortable pace. She demonstrated competence and confidence in controlling the session. Definitely recommended and will see her again!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    She is genuinely dominant, and that coupled with her elegance is very rare to find, and anyone in your presence ought to consider themselves lucky

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Last week I met Mistress Anita for the first time and coincidentally it was my first session. Having seen photos of her I was very keen to meet her but kept putting it off for a while.
    Having finally built up the courage to meet her I booked a session. I was stunned when I walked in and saw her. She is a true goddess. A woman that brings you to your knees without a word and just by her beauty and stunning eyes.
    Having had little to no experience I didn’t know what to expect but she knew exactly how to handle me. From the initial contact, she was very professional asking me exactly about my needs and helping me work out my requirements. Once at the session, she gave me clear instructions and remembered all my fetishes even what I had forgotten because of my nervousness. She piloted the session so professionally helping me explore the fetishes I listed without hesitation.
    The thoughts and fantasies I had imagined for 20 years were realized in less than 90 minutes. I won’t lie I went there skeptical, mistrusting and fearful and walked out happy, relaxed, trusting and craving more. I don’t think there will be a time when I’m in Dubai when I won’t see her. Already I’m rescheduling my meetings to make sure I see her again as much as possible before I leave Dubai.
    Simply put I couldn’t recommend her enough. I didn’t know anyone like her could possibly exist. They say don’t meet your heroes but I’m happy I decided to meet mine. I was well worth it!

    Also just to add, I did manage to meet her again before leaving Dubai and once more she was wonderful and amazing and helped me explore more fantasies. The thing I also found incredible is that I kept trying to book more time with her ( an overnight experience) but she talked me through the process and decided I wasn't ready for that yet. Anyone else would have welcomed the money and given me any level of service since I'm a newbie. I write this just to show her honesty and integrity in case you are in any skeptical.

    Thank you Mistress Anita and I look forward to seeing you soon and again !

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I'm lost in words as much I was lost in your presence ma'am. Really a gorgeous beautiful lady, professional to the level of satisfying your every fetish, Beautiful to the extent that can really drive you crazy, I still can't remember how time passed under ur feet ma'am. It was really an AMAZING experience that I wd die to repeat it, be careful guys you'll addict her feet

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Just like to write my experience last month with you, my expectation was another lame session like anyone else, but really you showed me difference in how you control the mind and body as well which exactly what i was looking for. I've seen a lot of mistresses but ive never experienced such dominance and on top of that gorgeous amazing feet. I didnt think that feet like this existed actually ?

    Thank you for an amazing session and looking forward for more to come

    Just hopefully next time you would accept my dinner invitation:)

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    I went to Mistress Anita for an overnight experience and what an experiance.

    From the start, she was trying to get as much information of my interests and limits, and asked several times - so that she could make a perfect tailor made experience for me - and she did...!

    I came to her nice and clean place, and was met by a beautiful Mistress, in black leather and red high heels. She had arranged a kidnap experience, so shortly after my arrival, I was sitting in her car, blinded, with fixed hands and legs - and then she drove.

    After we have driven around for a short time, we came to another place, where we were met of yet another Mistress, who was interrogating me - I won't fill in the details. The result of the interrogation was, that we had to wait in a save house - and once again I was driven blinded around.
    Back in the safe house, a lot of things went on, based of Mistress Anita's many questions - and Allen the time she respected my interests, experience and pain levels - but tried to push the boundaries, all the times..- but in a very safe way.

    Did I mention, that she look fantastic (I saw to dresses, and preferred black leather (top to bottom), red high heels, red beautiful nails).

    Be aware of your wishes, she's gong to fulfill them.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Thank you so much for a wonderful session. Really really appreciate how good your professionalism and that you really made sure all my bdsm wishes were met.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Mistress I had to leave in a hurry this morning and wanted to thank you for the fantastic overnight session. I really felt owned. It was a magical experience.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    It was my first experience as being a slave and the session with Mistress Anita was amazing from the toys being used up to how good care she takes care of her slave, she knew how to handle me and get me to relax and simply let go and really live in the moment .She knew where to push it and where to soft'n up...It was the best experience of my life not only in being a slave ...simply the most amazing time I lived ....thank you miss and can not wait to be under your goddes feets

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I had a wonderful session With the Great Mistress Anita! She's a real passionate Mistress! I was a bit nervous at the beginning then Professionally she knew how to own me and take me to her world!
    I enjoyed every second at your feet Mistress and i wish i can just serve you and be back every day! The look in your eyes made me terrified!!
    But sure will do!! It was an outstanding unforgettable time!!
    I'm a better dog now that consider working harder for less punishments and look further for more rewards ?
    Best Mistress in the whole world!
    Doggy B ?

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Yesterday I traveled to Dubai for one day to attend a 5 hour session with Mistress Anita. She had so many excellent reviews on her website. I made me feel relaxed and confident about my choice among so many mistresses and I was right.
    Even before seeing me, she dealt with the matter in a very professional way asking relevant information, preferences and what I was expecting in the session.
    Seeing her when I entered for the first time put me a little in shock. She is very beautiful, her voice tone is so dominating and she started guiding me on what to do before starting the actual session.
    Such a powerful personality. Her strong presence make you feel mentally dominated. You will be willing to give extreme effort. It's a great feeling. All the interests will be honored in a very beautiful way. My session in one word: WOW . It made understand what a real mistress is.
    Mistress Anita , you are a dream for all submissives in this world.
    Finally, Mistress Anita highly respected my privacy and she was even more worried about hygiene, safety and discretion than I was...

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    It have been years hesitating to reach her and finally it happened and will sure happen again. Meeting real people is rare nowadays and Mistress Anita is REAL. She is Natural and not faking anything because she is a dominant lady.Above all she will honour your fantasies. Despite of her Beauty And Elegance she also made me feel personally very happy during the session and didnt want the session to end. At the first sight of her I told her " YOU ARE VERY BEAUTIFUL ". Imagine she gave me a safe word to use if not comfortable to move to the next interest but guess what I didnt even use this word. Thats how much it was an enjoyable experience and how much you will want to do it again and again. Thank you mistress Anita and looking forward to meet you again. ⚘

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Mistress Anita gave me my first taste of female supremacy and domination at its best. Her flawless figure, perfectly shaped feet, and commanding seductive attitude will have you on your hands and knees from the door. She's experienced and stern but caring too, and she will make sure that your wildest dreams and expectations are met. It is notable to mention that hygiene and safety are very important to her and her dungeon is situated in a beautiful upscale area.
    Thank You Mistress Anita, I will surely come back again and again 😄
    Momar Jay

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Had the honor of serving Mistress Anita. Best session of my life, felt like She owned me from the first to the last second, I found my place beneath Her divine feet.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I had a wonderful experience with the BEAUTIFUL Mistress Anita, She has demonstrated beauty in heart on top of her great looks and captivating attributes.

    I personally love a touch of humanity in any sort of a likewise experience, it fosters trust and paves way for a long term connection. In my review, it would only be fair to express how thoughtful and considerate I was able to sense Mistress Anita to be.

    If you'r looking for a deeply touching experience, nothing transient .. I highly recommend contacting her without hesitation.. I'm writing my review with sincerity and affirmation.

    Sebastian Demarco.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    I recently had a wonderful role play session with Mistress Anita. She knew exactly what I wanted. Can't wait to see her again

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    It was an unforgettable experience with mistress Anita, from the moment she opened me the door till the end of the session I was mesmerized, I still remember how I was crawling after her feet to kiss them, how I hugged her feet on my face when I was leaving, she will dominate you from the moment she looks at you, 2 things would make her really unique from others, her feet and extraordinary beautiful toes, and the way she prepare for the session, she will
    Know every single detail about you from the application, and she will just surprise you with her actions, THANK YOU MA'AM Anita

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    I went to my mistress anita yesterday and believe me she is one of a kind.... She know how to treat her slaves , she is so professional
    Her dominatrix personality is very hot
    She give me the best pleasure in my life
    I'll definitely go again and again and again

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I don't think Mistress Anita needs any more reviews:
    It's obvious that her reputation is already well established if you take the time to check her website and twitter profile.
    The moment you contact her, it's obvious that she is a professional Mistress, from the information she asks you to provide and how she builds a profile about you.
    The moment she opens the door and you walk in to her dungeon, it's obvious that she is a natural professional dominatrix.
    The moment you find yourself under her feet and you look up at her piercing gaze, it's obvious that she owns you.
    Form there onwards, the 1.5 hour session left me with flashbacks of Mistress Anita that I cannot shake out of of my head; I can remember her pinning me down while I was begging for punishment, I can remember losing myself completely and devoting all my attention to worshipping her feet, I can remember her towering figure while she was slowly trickling down her golden shower on my body and face... I can remember myself begging her to let me hug her feet one more time to say goodbye...
    That was all yesterday, and I'm already looking at my calendar to see when I can block time for my next session.
    Thank you Mistress Anita and until next time!

  • Rating: 4 / 5by

    I had session with Mistress Anita when I was In Dubai a few days ago. I sent her a detailed email about what I wanted to happen in my session before and she kindly accpeted my requests. On the day I got to her place early but she was kind enough to let me in and asked me about what I wanted and my limits and I was given a safe word. She is a natraul born Domme and she has nice equipment too. She can read her slave and knows when you had enough, I asked her too push my pain limit and she did it nicely, defiantly not a Mistress you want to naughty with ?
    Enjoyed my session a lot.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    It was my third time in domination and the first with mistress Annetta .
    The time passed very quickly as I enjoyed every second . She fulfilled all my fantasies and make my dream come true .
    I can't wait to have my next appointment with her

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I had the great honor of submitting to Her Highness Goddess Mistress Anita when i was in Dubai. I had an experience that can be hardly matched by any other experience i had in the scene. Goddess Anita is very sensual, unbelievably beautiful, but most important her personality made me melt in her divinity, and her intelligence brought me to my knees. Once the session started i lost track of time. All what was in my mind was how to please such a Supreme Goddess. I could not take my eyes away from Goddess Anita, and this resulted in me being punished several times. Frankly i loved it,and kept on sneaking sights because i could not resist Her and because i loved Her punishment. I absolutely enjoyed my time with Goddess Mistress Anita. I am looking forward to visiting Dubai just to kneel in front of Her once again.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    To worship Mistress Anita and serve at Her divine feet is both a pleasure and an honor. She is magnificent in every possible way and being Her foot slut is a life changing experience.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    One of the best experiences of my life. from beginning when I was asked to strip down and kneel, when i did not remove my underwear she kicked me order me to strip completely. This was so much dick was just bursting. kissing and licking and massaging those silky smooth feet was a treat. drinking coke after washing her feet was the tastiest thing I have ever drank and the aroma of her ass which she so graciously allowed me to worship was out of these world
    I want it again
    as early as possible

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Hi guys , she's 100% real completely like the pictures , she's very strict and tough , I would like to see her again.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    An amazing tall and elegant Mistress with feet to die for , Mistress Anita made my fetish fantasies come true 😄

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I had a great session with mistress Anita, she's so professional, she's not taking it light as others whom they call their self mistress, She asks for an application form to be filled in order to know more about your fetish, which I really enjoyed filling out,During the session I found I was dreaming . A great experience on all levels and I am definitely coming back

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Hi Mistress Anita, I can't get over the hang over of my first session with you. I will be obliged if you could reveal the nature of your second session with me. Can't wait to surrender myself under your feet again. Thanks for an unforgettable experience.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    The best time I ever had in my life. I felt how I small under her pretty feet she is very beautiful and strong. I can't describe my happiness. She is a real mistress and amazing person in this day. Mistress anita made all i dreamed about is true. I do love her sooooo much it was my first experinse and she made me want to spend my life as slave for her only. she really gave me the feeling what I was looking for it from years and it was awesome <3 😆

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    She is elegant and refined. Her dominance is quiet and commanding. The distance does not matter. i am always drawn to Her. i would cross scorching sands to see Her. Dust storms would not stop me. What She promises is intoxicating. The mere thought of Her stirs my soul. Like the cobra i am called. The candles are lit. The palace still. The night slowly moves by. Stars shine bright. Soft cries permeate the still air. Dawn brings a new day. After departing She is still there. Her presence endures. Until i am called to Her once again.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    The absolute Goddess, her commanding voice her towering persona the most beautiful feet . Everything a slave dreams off.
    Can't thank her enough for making my first experience so awesome . Can't wait to be at those feet .

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Had a great session with you Mistress Anita. Your voice commanded me while I was down on the floor under your heels and feet. Afterwards I felt superb. I can't wait for the next session with you, Mistress Anita. I tried many mistresses in the Middle East but you are truly the most professional mistress in Dubai.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Fantastic session.. Completely controlled me. Felt completely addicted after session.


  • Can you give me an idea of what is possible in your mistress sessions?

    by singhsiddarth598 – 3 Oct 2020

    Hi good morning,

    You can either whatsapp me or go to my my website. It has a POSSIBILITIES PAGE.
    Check it out!

    Mistress Anita
    My new Whatsapp:+31625368495

  • Roses are red, violent are blue but no flower in this world is as beautiful as you. Hi how are you my dear. May I ask you something, what kind of service do you provide and do you do anal?

    by Siniestro_99 (130 other questions) – 4 Oct 2020

    Hi Siniestro,

    I offer tailor made Female Domination sessions. This is not an escort session with sex.
    In Mistress there is no sex but you will cum at the end of the session.
    Anal play is an option you can choose in the session where I use a dildo, butt plug or my fingers on you.
    Prostate massage is another option.
    Check out the Possibilities Page on my website.

    Mistress Anita
    My new Whatsapp:+31625368495

  • Hi mistress,
    What's ur Blog link so I can choose the practices that I like 🙇‍♂️

    BTW u still put ur old Whatsapp number in ur replies 🤓

    by Vooki – 27 Sep 2020


    To make it super easy for you to choose what you would like to try, you can check my Possibilities Page on my site
    It contains lots of pictures so you can see at a glance what each option is about.

    When you contact me by WhatsApp I will also text you an even longer list of options.

    When you arrive we will have a chat about what you like and what your fantasies are.
    Mistress Anita
    My new Whatsapp:+31625368495

  • Miss A - I see so many feet pictures. Do you only do feet fetish?

    by samuel99 – 8 Oct 2020

    Hi Samuel
    The number one fetish in the region is Feet Fetish so my fans always asked me to publish that.
    I am in fact a professional mistress so feet fetish is just one of the many fetishes and fantasies that I fulfill in my sessions.
    Lots of fun!!!
    On my site you find lots of beautiful pics of examples:

    Mistress Anita
    My new Whatsapp:+31625368495

  • Hi Mistress Anita!!
    This is the first time I try such a thing. I read your sessions are tailormade. How can I know what to choose as I am new to this?

    by Sam449 – 27 Sep 2020

    Hi good morning,

    To make it super easy for you to choose what you would like to try, I made a blog. It contains lots of pictures so you can see at a glance what each option is about.
    On my website you will also find a Possibilities Page.
    When you arrive we will have a chat about what you like and what your fantasies are.
    Mistress Anita
    Whatsapp: +316 2143 8749

  • Do you have chastity

    by d7123456 (1 other question) – 17 Sep 2020

    Hi good afternoon
    Yes of course I do.
    Over the years I brought endless amount of tools over from Europe to suit all the requests I receive to have fun with in my sessions!
    Mistress Anita
    Whatsapp: +316 2143 8749

  • Hello Mistress
    Never done this before but I am very interested.
    From what I understand from the Internet I will be able to choose from a list.
    Will you be able to help me with that being a newbie?

    by tarek_1980 – 9 Aug 2020

    Hi Tarek,

    Feel free to contact me by WhatsApp about my sessions.
    Mistress Anita
    Whatsapp: +316 2143 8749

  • I want to live out a tickle fantasy. Would you tie me to a bed, tease me, tickle me, lick me, ride me, tickle me using your feet. and finish me off?

    by rayzay170 (34 other questions) – 8 Jul 2020

    Hi Ray,

    I am probably the only Mistress in Dubai who has very special equipment for this.
    Text me and I will even show you a picture of it. It's perfect for tickling.
    However saying that, I think you didnt read my ad properly. I do not offer an escort service.
    I offer a strict Mistress session!
    For more information, just WhatsApp me.
    Mistress Anita
    Whatsapp: +316 2143 8749

  • Hello,
    In an overnight session do you allow me multiple orgasme ?

    by Jay_72 (1 other question) – 19 Jun 2020

    Hi Jay,
    Feel free to contact me by WhatsApp about my sessions.
    Mistress Anita
    Whatsapp: +316 2143 8749

  • Hi, Mistress
    Do you see people these days with virus and everythings ?
    Do you do all your seasons alone or can you provide a double mistress session?
    Last think do you provide chastity devices ?
    Thank you

    by Jay_72 (1 other question) – 7 Jul 2020

    Hi Jay!
    Kindly drop me a line by WhatsApp me to discuss things easier: +316 2143 8749

  • Hello Anita
    I understand that you offer mistress sessions.
    Can you tell me the difference between an escort and a mistress?

    by ameer336 – 6 Jun 2020

    Dear Amir,
    Good question! 😊
    With a MISTRESS you will have a tailor made session. She will be creative with the fetishes and kinky fantasies you have chosen. You can play out fantasies you have always dreamt of. She will always have the dominant role and you follow her lead. Her session does not include sex. You will however have an orgasm at the end of the session.
    An ESCORT can offer massage, a girl friend experience and/or sex.

  • I am new at this. Don't really know about the terminology and choices and that.
    Can you brake it down for me so I know what to go for ?

    by Javier_1 – 30 May 2020

    Most people in Dubai are in fact newcomers and I tailor-make every session.
    To make it even more easy to the new guys like yourself, you can choose by checking from
    That way you need no terminology, as you put it.
    You just choose from the pictures. Easy!
    You dont even need to have Twitter to be able to see it
    Also, before we start the session I will show you around my place and we will have a little chat about your fetishes and fantasies.
    You are in the best hands with me !

    Mistress Anita
    Whatsapp: +316 2143 8749

  • Dear Mistress
    I can't wait for the flights to start so i can serve you again in Dubai!!
    You are still in the UAE right ?

    by adam_44 – 29 Jul 2020

    Hi Adam,
    Feel free to drop me a line by Whatsapp!
    Mistress Anita
    Whatsapp: +316 2143 8749

  • Mistress
    When I come for a second session would we be doing the same as the first session?

    by missanitaslv – 11 Mar 2020

    Hi !
    Every session is tailor made and totally different from the previous one being
    I am always very creative making sure there is lots of variety having fun with the interests you have chosen from my list.
    Look forward to seeing you again soon and have some more fun!!

    Mistress Anita
    Whatsapp: 00316 2143 8749

  • I understand you are very experienced, but will you consider seeing a newcomer like myself?

    by sam143 – 15 Mar 2020

    I actually offer sessions to both newcomers as well as to the very experienced.
    Most people in Dubai are in fact newcomers and I tailor-make every session.
    To make it even more easy to the new guys, they can choose their interest by letting from pictures on
    Also, before we start the session I will show you around my place and have a little chat about your fetishes and fantasies.
    You are in the best hands with me !

  • I have a fantasy that I cannot share with anyone but would love to play out to make it reality.
    Can you help me please Mistress?

    by joekhoury31 – 22 Mar 2020

    I am very experienced and very open minded so feel free to share your deepest fantasies with me by WhatsApp .
    Let's make it happen!
    Mistress Anita
    Whatsapp: 00316 2143 8749

  • Good morning
    I see a lot of pictures of your beautiful feet.
    Are you mostly into feet fetish only?

    by medoaly381 (2 other questions) – 14 Jan 2020

    Hi good afternoon,

    I post a lot of feet pictures as feet fetish is the biggest fetish in the region.
    Saying that, I am a professional mistress with lots of experience in all types of fetishes and fantasies.
    Feel free to drop me a line by Whatsapp to send you more details.
    Also check out my site using a VPN in the UAE.

    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Mistress Anita
    Whatsapp: 00316 2143 8749

  • Hi mistress
    Hearing a lot of good things about you on social media. I am a newbie. Do you always use equipment and tools in your sessions or ?
    Thanks for your time.

    by ofarha53 – 15 Dec 2019

    Hi there!
    Having been in Dubai for so many years I guess I must have the biggest amount and variety of tools and equipment out of all the Mistresses here.
    Saying that, whether I use tools and equipment totally depends on what you choose from my list of interests.
    I take your interests, fantasies, fetishes and pain level ( or zero pain request) very seriously to prepare the ultimate session for you. Completely tailor made.
    Feel free to contact me for more details by Whatsapp: 00316 2143 8749

  • Hi Mistress Anita,
    I am totally new at this and really nervous. How can you make me feel comfortable please?

    by omar_mansour550 (2 other questions) – 8 Dec 2019

    Being nervous is perfectly normal.
    In fact, it heightens the experience !
    Most important is that you are with a MISTRESS with lots of experience with newcomers so you can rest assured that you are in the best hands.
    Before we start, we will have a relaxing chat and I will show you around my place.
    We will also agree on a safe word so you have nothing to worry about 😊
    Mistress Anita
    Whatsapp 00316 2143 8749

  • Hi mistress,
    I am a huge fan of yours, is role play included in your sessions i love to be a loser servant.
    And what are the hygiene standards.
    And also share your Twitter is i couldn't find u on twitter.

    by Footboy_2 (2 other questions) – 7 Nov 2019

    Hi there Footboy,
    Hygiene and safety are at the top of my priority list and the fact that you asked is an excellent sign for me. I guess we think very much alike!
    I offer various types of exciting role plays so feel free to contact me by Whatsapp to discuss things further.
    I am currently not on Twitter but focus on posting every day new pictures on my personal website
    Hope to welcome you soon in my apartment in the Greens.
    Mistress Anita
    00316 2143 8749

  • I am new and a bit scared but really love to get this experience. Don't know what to do about this.Can you help?

    by Mido30 – 21 Oct 2019

    Being nervous is perfectly normal.
    In fact, it heightens the experience !
    Most important is that you are with a MISTRESS with lots of experience with newcomers so you can rest assured that you are in the best hands.

    Mistress Anita
    Whatsapp 00316 2143 8749

  • Really enjoyed last time!
    Is it possible for you to do the session in my hotel next weekend?

    by Rami460 (1 other question) – 7 Oct 2019

    Hi Rami!

    All my sessions take place in the privacy of my discreet apartment in the Greens.
    Safety and discretion are my top priority as I am sure they are to you !

    Look forward to seeing you again soon for another exciting time!

    Mistress Anita

  • Hi mistress

    Do you provide SOUNDING in your sessions?

    by Rami460 (1 other question) – 9 Oct 2019

    Hi Rami
    Feel free to contact me by Whatsapp for me to send full details about my sessions and options.

    Kinky greetings,
    Mistress Anita
    Whatsapp 00316 2143 8749

  • Hello mistress .. does full toilet slave training ( piss drinking & scat eating ) included in your services ?

    by Adnan_6 (8 other questions) – 26 Sep 2019


    I do offer golden shower and with me you can choose from a huge list of possibilities.
    For the newcomers, to make it super easy, I have made this blog :
    Here you can simply choose from the pictures and let me know what appeals to you and what you like to try out for a great new adventure!
    Dont worry newbies, you will have a safe word too 😊
    Kinky greetings,
    Mistress Anita
    Whatsapp 00316 2143 8749

  • Hello mistress ... this is my first time in professional BDSM ... do u think a newcomer like me can tolerate fisting and strapon.?

    by Adnan_6 (8 other questions) – 21 Sep 2019

    Hi !
    I am an very experienced Mistress so
    anal play is always done in the most
    professional way : step-by-step without any aggressive force with lots of lubricant taking you where we want to go and always dreamt of.
    Depending on your tightness it might need some time to loosen up the area. You can rest assured that you are in the best hands Adnan !

    Kinky greetings,
    Mistress Anita
    Whatsapp 00316 2143 8749

  • Hi mistress .. does your chastity devices collection include metal chastity with Urethral sounds like the one in this link :

    by Adnan_6 (8 other questions) – 20 Oct 2019

    Hi Adnan

    It is easiest to whatsapp me.

    Kinky greetings,
    Mistress Anita
    Whatsapp 00316 2143 8749

  • Mistress i am looking for a second session with you. This time i am curious about overnight experience with you. Can i discuss its details with you.

    by Steve112 – 23 Sep 2019

    Hi Steve,
    Great to hear from you again!
    You can contact me by Whatsapp regarding the BDSM Overnight Experience 😊

    Mistress Anita
    +316 2143 8749

  • Hi
    I want to see you after 10 days
    I love Strapon with kisses Is this available?

    by d7123456 (1 other question) – 8 Sep 2019


    I offer professional Mistress sessions and you can choose from a huge list of fetishes and kinky fantasies.
    Anal play (strap on) is definitely possible.
    For kisses I suggest you see a nice lady offering a girl friend experience. This is not the type of session I offer.
    My sessions are far more exciting and adventurous !

    See you soon,
    Mistress Anita

  • I enjoyed our session a lot mistress but forgot to ask if I want to get a souvenir of our session, can you take some pictures during the session with my own phone?

    by Sherif_ban (3 other questions) – 10 Sep 2019

    Hi Sherif !
    You are very welcome to give me YOUR mobile at the beginning of the session so I can do that during the session. That way you can have some amazing footage to remember our session by.
    Kinky greetings,
    Mistress Anita
    Whatsapp 00316 2143 8749

  • Hello, Mistress Anita, I once had a session with you and it was amazing, it was a foot worship session but i think i have other fetishes too.
    You are very experienced mistress, can i discuss those fetishes with you away from this site?

    by Zain121 – 1 Sep 2019

    Hi Zain,
    Feel free to contact me by Whatsapp.
    My number is 00316 2143 8749
    Mistress Anita

  • Do you see newcomers?

    by medoaly381 (2 other questions) – 21 Aug 2019

    I see both newcomers as well as very experiended people so all levels.
    I am a very experienced mistress and also as a newcomer you are in the best hands!

  • Hello Mistress
    Are you available in dubai on 10th Aug. I am visiting dubai and would like to again book a session with you.

    by anirudhs3328 (1 other question) – 2 Aug 2019

    Hi there !

    You can just WhatsApp me upon arrival on my new number : 00316 2143 8749

    Mistress Anita

  • Hi, my mistress do you have an alternative Twitter account?

     – 3 Aug 2019

    Hi there !

    Please WhatsApp me 00316 2143 8749

    Mistress Anita

  • Hello Mistress
    I would like to book a session in last week of June.
    It would be my first time serving a professional mistress, i am not to sure what i want in the session, would you be able to guide me.
    Thank You

    by anirudhs3328 (1 other question) – 17 Jun 2019

    Hi there good afternoon,

    It is easiest to contact me by Whatsapp :
    00316 2143 8749

    With kinky greetings,
    Mistress Anita

  • Hi Mistress Anita
    Do you do different role plays like teacher/naughty student ?
    Also cannot find you on Twitter. Do you have an account to see more of your pictures?

    by medoaly381 (2 other questions) – 10 Jun 2019

    Hi there !

    Yes I do offer a strict teacher / naughty student role play !
    Female boss and badly performing employee, desperate to keep his job is another one of my favourites 😊

    As for my Twitter, it is

    You can contact me by Whatsapp:
    00316 2143 8749

  • Hi, my lady will be available in June ?

     – 6 Jun 2019

    Just drop me a line by Whatsapp
    00316 2143 8749

    Mistress Anita

  • is sex included and this is my first time to be a slave can you give me options ?

    by FUCKING_MACHINE (4 other questions) – 21 Apr 2019

    I am a professional Mistress and offer strict Mistress sessions.
    Sex is not part of a BDSM session. You are however obviously aloud to orgasm at the end the session. For more details, contact me by Whatsapp when you are in Dubai 00316 2143 8749

  • Will it be possible to adjust the session as a spit and toilet slave ?

    by Sparrow (11 other questions) – 20 Mar 2019

    All my sessions are tailor made. I will give you many options to choose from and you can also request fetishes or fantasies you might have. Spitting and Golden Shower are obviously options as well.
    Just Whatsapp me for more information : 00316 2143 8749

  • Hello

    I am Dubai and looking for humiliation and domination session along with sex
    I would love to get humiliated about my penis size.

    by Ben_Haris (37 other questions) – 8 Mar 2019

    Hi Ben,
    I do not offer sex in my Mistress Sessions but you are very welcome to contact me by Whatsapp to receive full details about my BDSM sessions.
    00316 2143 8749

  • Hi do you offer a sensual foot fetish session with lots of teasing?

    by gregbhoward (1 other question) – 18 Feb 2019

    Hi Greg
    Yes I absolutely do !
    Let's have some fun!!
    Just drop me a line : 00316 2143 8749

  • hi mistress,

    I would love to see you again and get the honor of serving you. will you be in Dubai next month?

    by slavearabia – 25 Jan 2019

    Hi there!
    Its best to contact me a couple of days before your arrival by Whatsapp !

    Mistress Anita
    00316 2143 8749

  • Do you do soft sensual dominations sessions as well?

    by marcel – 22 Jan 2019

    Hi Marcel
    I am a very experienced and established Mistress and I offer sessions which are tailor made to your personal level of experience and interest. This can vary from a very soft sensual domination session to sessions for the bdsm dynamo's and everything in between !
    With me you rest assured that you are in very experienced hands!

  • how long will you stay in Dubai?

    by mraish (4 other questions) – 13 Jan 2019

    Hi there!

    Kindly contact me by Whatsapp!

    Mistress Anita
    00316 2143 8749

  • Hi my lady, During extended session do I have to be naked all the time ?
    Do you provide tie and tease ?
    Thank you

     – 7 Jan 2019

    Hi Rhu
    You don't need to be naked all the time and yes I do provide tie and tease of course.

    I like doing things in a professional way, giving you full information about my sessions in one go.
    It's easiest when you drop me a message by Whatsapp : 00316 2143 8749

  • You do a full weekend puppy training ? Thank you !

    by cebeialbei (1 other question) – 23 Dec 2018

    I do offer extensive training.
    We can discuss things best via whatsapp if you are in Dubai.
    My number is: 00316 2143 8749
    Looking forward to having lots of fun with you!!

  • Dear Mistress Anita!
    You are Dubai based and its a great thing but i need to know that when in a year you are not in Dubai and are outside Dubai for some vacations or other stuff.Your answer in this regard will be great, thank you 😄

    by Kamal_R – 19 Nov 2018

    Hi Kamal,
    It is easiest to check with me closer to the time when you wish to come over to Dubai, I will then have a better idea of when I am in town.
    You can just WhatsApp me on my new number : 00316 2143 8749

  • Hello,is it possible to fart on my face during facesiitng ?

    by zzzzz_1 (8 other questions) – 11 Nov 2018

    For more information about my exciting and professional Mistress sessions, kindly WhatsApp me on my new number : 00316 2143 8749

  • Hi there,Mistress.
    Do you like ballbusting ? Have u kicked any of your slaves super hard and enjoyed it ? Wanna know the outcome because I have a huge ballkicking fetish specially in barefeet.

    by hackertonight (12 other questions) – 9 Oct 2018

    Before booking a session I ask several questions to find out what a person would love to do and try.
    I also ask about whether they want a PAIN FREE session or if they are specifically into pain and I get them to choose a pain level which varies from soft to extreme.
    The majority of the people in Dubai do not wish to receive any pain (or just soft pain) however I do have some real pain aficionados who have the same fetish as you have.
    For more information, kindly WhatsApp me on my new number : 00316 2143 8749

  • Hi my lady , Can someone ask for a session were you are joint by another mistress like CFNM auction ?

     – 6 Oct 2018

    Hi Umi,
    All my sessions are One on One.
    Let's have FUN !!!

  • Hi mistress, Is there a way to enjoy a corporal punishment without marking ?
    Plus do you have electric tools ?

     – 4 Oct 2018

    Hi, I am a VERY experienced Mistress and YES I am very skilled in corporal punishment without marking.
    For more details about my sessions, WhatsApp me !

  • Hi mistress ,
    I have a post gym fetish, would love to meet you after you have an Intense gym session or after you have a run outdoors and sweat a lot ! Can this be arranged ??

    by sam83ilp_1 (30 other questions) – 26 Aug 2018

    Hi there Sam !
    Absolutely! This is a very common fetish.
    Just whatsapp me and we will make your dream come true !

  • Hi
    You have suspensions me

    by One_st_1 (7 other questions) – 20 Nov 2018

    Hi there !
    You can just WhatsApp me on my new number : 00316 2143 8749

  • Hi
    You have horse whip

    by One_st_1 (7 other questions) – 10 Jun 2018

    Goodness, I have a HUGE amount of tools !
    Not everyone is into pain (even though I clearly differentiate between soft,medium, hard and extreme) and to check also all the NON PAIN related options, just whatsapp me: 0031621326162

  • Hi Mistress, can you come Sri Lanka.?

    by feboy9 (2 other questions) – 23 May 2018

    Sorry, I don't travel to Sri Lanka.
    I offer sessions in Dubai only.
    If you ever travel to Dubai, feel free to Whatsapp me : 0031621326162

  • Good afternoon, till how long time u will work tonight?! thank u

    by Smove1982 – 5 May 2018

    Kindly contact me by whatsapp: 0031621326162

  • Hi honey
    I noticed you do facesitting.I like contact like Rimjob and Sniff.I have ass fetish, but it is 100% based on smell. Is it possible to arrange a date in advance to ensure your ass smell strongly? I like licking ass and sniffing so how strongly your ass smell is very important to me.
    is this doable?

    by Teenboy (16 other questions) – 7 May 2018

    Yes, facesitting is one of the many options in my sessions.
    For more info (and after checking my non negotiable rates), feel free to WhatsApp me : 0031621326162

  • Hi Mistress Anita, I am a total beginner but interested. The problem is that my skin gets bruised really easily. Do you have some experience on avoiding bruises but still delivering pain? (Obviously I do not wish to be seen with bruises at work and especially home)

     – 24 Apr 2018

    Hi there,
    I am a very experienced Mistress and YES I do have a great way for you to be able to enjoy corporal punishment without any visible marks!
    Apart from that, we will agree on the pain level and you will also have a safeword.
    All my sessions are conducted in a safe, conscientious and consensual way so you will be in the best hands.
    To book a session, simply whatsapp me 0031621326162

  • Hi Mistress Anita
    I want to book a session with you and kiss your beautiful feet but I am also looking for a brutal whipping as a punishment to the point of marking my body and crying from pain, is that something you enjoy doing?

    by Mohamedabbas (2 other questions) – 2 May 2018

    I am a professional Mistress and all my sessions are tailor made.
    I do indeed also offer the fetishes you asked for and indeed many many more.
    Contact me via my website or by whatsapp 0031621326162.
    You will be surprised how many fetishes and fantasies we can have fun with in our session ! It's very normal to think that you are unique having certain fetishes while they are perfectly common to an experienced Mistress like myself.

  • Hello Mistress Anita! I want to book a sesion with you for today evening , but I am wondering if you have a tool for orgasm control? Thank you !

    by markjohn77786 – 4 Apr 2018

    Hi ,
    Of course I have a Chastity Device in my vast collection of tools!
    Kindly whatsapp me 0031621326162

    Mistress Anita

  • Hello Mistress

    I would like to ask in the pegging, You like to use a strapon on hairy or shaved butt ?

    Thanks XXX

    by Clarke_1 (1 other question) – 24 Jan 2019

    Hi there!

    Kindly contact me by Whatsapp!

    Mistress Anita
    00316 2143 8749

  • Hi my love we can meet today for 1hour?

    by josepfjohn – 2 Jun 2018

    Hi there,
    Kindly contact me by Whatsapp : 0031621326162

  • Hello ma'am, What is your location and is there security?

    by Sherif_ban (3 other questions) – 11 Mar 2018

    Hi Sherif,
    My sessions take place in the privacy of my safe apartment in the Greens.
    There is no Security or anyone to bother us. I will simply give you the entrance code to press on the intercom system.
    Easy and super discreet !

  • Why you don't make an exception with me and let me tame you? Because I specialize in taming wild horses.

     – 12 Mar 2018

    Hi Jack,
    A ship can only have one captain.
    I have a very dominant personality and this makes me very good at what I do.
    I have zero interest in forcing myself into a submissive role.
    In fact I never play a role. I am dominant by nature and I very much enjoy being a Mistress. I wouldnt have it any other way.
    You might like to take a trip to North America. It has the best places to find free-roaming Mustangs 😉

  • Hey,
    You look fucking sexy.. Why you don't provide like normal services!

     – 6 Mar 2018

    A professional Mistress has a dominant role and generally has a dominant personality. Being an escort is more of a submissive role.

  • مسترتس في سشونز ارجل فقط؟

    by georgeosta1976 (4 other questions) – 7 Mar 2018

    George, I would love to answer your question but you can't expect a Belgian Mistress to be able to read Arabic 😉

  • Do you have professional equipment like wooden stock? Do you have a proper dog cage?

    by georgeosta1976 (4 other questions) – 26 Feb 2018

    Yes I do !! You will be surprised as well how many exciting quality tools I have, brought over from Europe.

  • 1-Do you allow your slave to cum? if so would you help him cum?
    2- Do you allow your slave to worship and grope your sexy body?

    by Sologuy (17 other questions) – 16 Feb 2018

    Hi Sologuy,
    You will allowed to cum at the end of the session. Face sitting is optional yes. For more info, just contact me by WhatsApp.

  • I'm looking for balls domination (not ballbusting) in which having a man by his balls. Are you experienced in this matter?

    by Sologuy (17 other questions) – 14 Feb 2018

    Hi, contact me by WhatsApp so we can discuss this in depth : 0031621326162

    Greetings, Mistress Anita

  • How naughty can we get in your sessions?

    by Joeynahra1970 (1 other question) – 12 Feb 2018

    Hi Joey,
    Contact me by WhatsApp : 0031621326162 !

  • I have some specific tools I wish to bring to use in the session. Is this ok?

    by firasjarous (1 other question) – 13 Feb 2018

    Hi Firas,
    Feel free to WhatsApp me so we can discuss this properly.
    You will be blown away by the huge amount of tools which I have brought over from Europe!
    Greetings, Mistress Anita

  • Hey sexy do u provide in-call out-call??

    by ankitpukit (2 other questions) – 6 Jan 2018

    Hi Ankit,
    All my sessions take place in the privacy and safety of my discreet apartment in the Greens area of Dubai.
    You can send me a Whatsapp message for more details:0031621326162
    See you soon !

  • Hi sweat-heart ... do u provide prostate milking and strapon stuff ??

    by Cooool1983 (12 other questions) – 24 Dec 2017

    I am a very experienced Mistress so I absolutely offer prostate milking and anal play !
    For more details, simply drop me a line by Whatsapp:

  • Do you do orgasm control?

    by Sammaalouf76_1 (3 other questions) – 23 Dec 2017

    Yes Sam, I love teasing and denial !
    You can even get a tailor made chastity device to make sure that I dont only control YOU but also your orgasms !

  • Are your rates fixed?

    by samigeorge76 (3 other questions) – 8 Jan 2018

    Yes Sami. High class professional services always have a price tag.

  • Can I have sex with you?

    by omar1shlala (4 other questions) – 9 Dec 2017

    For full information about my sessions, just send me a WhatsApp message to 0031621326162

  • Hey Baby Do You Provide in-call Out-Call??

    by davaineasid (6 other questions) – 4 Dec 2017

    You might not be very experienced in the BDSM lifestyle but just so you know, I should be addressed as "Mistress " , not "baby"
    You are more than welcome to come to be trained being a novice!
    My sessions take place in the privacy of my discreet and safe apartment in the Greens.
    Hope to see you soon!
    Whatsapp me on my Dutch number: 0031621326162

  • Do you have professional tools and equipment?

    by samigeorge76 (3 other questions) – 9 Jan 2018

    As everyone who ever entered my place for the very first time, you will be BLOWN AWAY to see my huge collection of tools and equipment brought from Europe !

  • Is there a lunch or dinner option?

    by julieabdo76 – 18 Feb 2018

    In the Overnight Experience, in the 4 hour Evening Booking and 12 hour Full Day Session I can include lunch or dinner outside or inside.
    You can WhatsApp me : 0031621326162

  • Can anal training with a strap on be included?

    by georgeosta1976 (4 other questions) – 1 Mar 2018

    Yes of course George !
    If you are new to this then rest assured : we will take it step by step very gradually and I have various sizes strap on's for us to have fun with !

  • Do you do the session in a safe and discreet location?

    by Anonymous_2 (1 other question) – 28 Nov 2017

    Discretion, safety and of course hygiene are at the top of my priority list at all times.
    I have been a professional Mistress with excellent for many years in the Middle East and it goes without saying that this is extremely important here.
    My sessions take place in my apartment in the Greens. Very safe and discreet.
    You can contact me by WhatsApp:0031621326162

  • In 90 min how many different things can we do?

    by Sammaalouf76_1 (3 other questions) – 4 Jun 2018

    Hi Sam, It's not about rushing to be " doing as many different things as possible within a time margin''. It's about QUALITY, not QUANTITY ! To find out more about my professional sessions, feel free to Whatsapp me: 0031621326162

  • Hey Baby Do u Provide In-call Out-Call ??

    by johnyalexend (9 other questions) – 8 Aug 2018

    Hi, all my sessions take place in the privacy and discretion of my luxury apartment in the Green. See you soon !

  • Can you meet me on a weekend ?

    by omar1shlala (4 other questions) – 26 Nov 2017

    I offer sessions daily except Fridays.
    You are welcome to send me a WhatsApp to 0031621326162 for details about my sessions.

  • I am looking for prostate stimulation. Are you experienced in this matter?

    by fadoulrami (1 other question) – 23 Nov 2017

    Anal training is one of the most popular fetishes in the Middle East so most days I have fun with my strap ons in various sizes, prostate massager, anal beads etc 😉
    See you soon for a mind blowing session !

  • Hey Baby Do u Provide In-call out Call??

    by aniilkumar (6 other questions) – 22 Nov 2017

    Firstly, you can address me with "Mistress".
    All my sessions take place in the privacy of my discreet apartment in the Greens where I have extensive equipment and a huge array of tools.
    Feel free to contact me by WhatsApp: 0031621326162

  • Hey Do u provide in-call out-call??

    by kalvinstean (10 other questions) – 13 Aug 2018

    All my sessions take place in the privacy of my discreet and safe apartment in the Greens where I have a fantastic collection of tools and equipment where I create the perfect atmosphere for a Mistress session. This combined with my many years of experience as a professional Mistress you will experience a session which you would never expect possible in Dubai.
    Whether you are a BDSM dynamo or a complete newcomer, I will tailor make the session for you ! Let's have lots of FUN !!

  • Hey Sweetie How r u??
    Do u provide In-call Out-Call?????

    by denyankit (11 other questions) – 25 Nov 2017

    I offer my sessions in my own discreet apartment. The ideal place for a very safe encounter.
    It has all my outfits, tools and equipment.
    You can reach me by Whatsapp : 0031621326162

  • Hey Baby Do u Provide In-call Out-call??

    by johnnysliim (9 other questions) – 24 Aug 2018

    My Mistress Sessions take place in the privacy of my safe and discreet apartment in the Greens.
    Look forward to receive you in my place for an absolutely MIND BLOWING Experience !!

  • Hey Sexy Baby Do you Provide Anal??

    by despacitocit (16 other questions) – 23 Nov 2017

    I offer professional Mistress sessions.
    Anal play I provide yes, on you !

  • Hey baby Do u provide in-call out-call??

    by smithinehaine (11 other questions) – 5 Sep 2018

    Hi, all my sessions take place in my safe and discreet apartment in the Greens.
    For more details, just Whatsapp me on my brand new number : 0031621438749

  • Hey Sweetie Do u provide in-call out-call ??

    by anikittivari (8 other questions) – 30 Oct 2018

    Hi !
    For information about my sessions simply send me a message by Whatsapp 00316 2143 8749

    See you soon for an exciting Mistress session !

  • Hey Sweetie do u provide in-call out Call??

    by lakmaltid (10 other questions) – 24 Dec 2017

    As a professional Mistress, I don't compromise on the quality of my sessions so offer my sessions in the privacy and discretion of my apartment in the Greens where we will not be bothered by Security of any kind and where I have an array of my outfits, tools and equipment.
    Just one thing 'Lakmaltid', never call a Mistress 'sweety' ! You either call her Mistress or Goddess 😄

  • Available Tonight??

    by jaksontie (8 other questions) – 25 Nov 2017

    Hi ''Jaksontie'',
    I offer FemDom sessions daily except Fridays.
    You can contact me by Whatsapp for more information: 0031621326162

  • Do u provide In-call out-call ??

    by michaalrobert (10 other questions) – 30 Nov 2017

    For more details about my Professional Mistress Sessions, kindly contact me by Whatsapp 0031621326162
    Let's explore your fetishes and fantasies and have an amazing time together!

  • Do u provide foot fetish ???????????

    by maxaiin (9 other questions) – 18 Dec 2018

    Foot Fetish is the most popular fetish in the Middle East and I love it too !
    For more details and option, you can WhatsApp me on my new number : 00316 2143 8749

  • What's your Full night charges baby??

    by ortonsmith (7 other questions) – 25 Nov 2018

    My overnight is 10000 dhs however you calling a Mistress ''baby'' makes me wonder whether you a slave or sub material ! lol

  • When I come over to Dubai next week, can I stay overnight in your place ?

    by krup_008 (4 other questions) – 11 Jul 2017

    Absolutely! You will save yourself a hotel when you book an Overnight Experience with me 😉 Send me a message via WhatsApp (0031621326162) and I will send you full details regarding my Overnights which feels like a real BDSM life style experience, not like a session with time restrictions.

  • I am looking for a sensual feet session. Do you offer this? I am not into anything hard.

    by omar1shlala (4 other questions) – 8 Jul 2017

    All my sessions are tailor made so kindly make sure to let me know these preferences when making a booking.

  • hi my mistress, do you like to use full toilet slave (piss,scat & fart) in my mouth , foot fetish, spit in my mouth... etc?

     – 1 Jul 2017

    For more details of my sessions, kindly whatsapp me on 0031621326162

  • can you give rimming and take golden shower??

    by johnsisk (56 other questions) – 24 May 2017

    I am a Mistress. I offer rimming on me. Not GIVE rimming.
    I also offer golden shower on you.

  • Hello,,what is the meaning of overnight session mistress ??
    Thank you.

     – 17 Apr 2017

    Hi Javier,
    In an overnight stay you can consider yourself my personal slave so you will not have the feeling that you are in a session.
    The advantage of an overnight stay is that you feel really owned, excited and anxious about what will be next and at the same time relaxed knowing that I will be fully in charge and that there is no time limitation as such like in a session.
    You will really be experiencing the BDSM lifestyle at its best.
    Feel free to contact me by WhatsApp: 0031621326162

  • Hello ,,Does anyone else will be in the appartment during the session or you and me only ??

     – 7 Apr 2017

    I have been an established Mistress in Dubai for many years so it goes without saying that privacy and discretion are both things that are on the top of my priority list! I ofder one on one sessions so it will be just you and me!

  • Do You Provide Foot Fetish,Whats your Charges??

    by David_Neo (1 other question) – 1 Apr 2017

    Foot Fetish is in fact one of my favorite [email protected]@
    1 hour comes to 2000 dhs.

  • Is it possible if you don't mind that I give you my phone and you take pictures during our session to have an everlasting memory?

    by makramsamir – 29 Mar 2017

    That's perfectly fine yes.

  • Do you live in Dubai permanently?

    by Sammaalouf76 (1 other question) – 19 Mar 2017

    Yes, I have been living in Dubai for many years, offering professional BDSM sessions of European standard. I offer sessions in the privacy of my discreet and safe apartment in the Greens. Feel free to contact me by Whatsapp 0031621326162 to receive more information.

  • hello Madam,
    would you provide forced feminization and golden shower at my hotel room??
    thank you

    by guyinamman (1 other question) – 19 Jan 2017

    Yes I offer both forced fem and golden shower . My sessions take place in my private and discreet apt in the Greens.

  • Do you offer longer sessions Mistress Anita ?

    by lonelydude1974 – 22 Nov 2016

    My sessions vary from 1 hour, several hours, a full evening, a 12 hour day session and an overnight experience. Lots of choices !!

  • Mistress, do you offer Role Play?

    by davidwebb – 19 Nov 2016

    I absolutely do! Simply mention your fantasy when I ask you to choose your interests from my list of possibilities.

  • How are you doing?

    by New_lifestyle – 1 Nov 2016

    Hi, I am fine.Thank you so much

  • Hi
    where are u located and what is your availability
    do you have poppers ?

    by fire2016bird (12 other questions) – 23 Oct 2016

    Kindly send me a message on Whatsapp so I can send you full details of my sessions.
    Looking forward to having a great session with you,
    Mistress Anita

  • Hi sweety

    looking for a role play. Where I am master and your my pretty whore.

    I want to do:
    1. kiss you,
    2. Spank you
    3. Slap your face
    4. Spit on your body and face
    5. play with your ass
    6. you rim me

    All clean and safe at my 5 star hotel. message me privately if you prefer.


    by buzy (29 other questions) – 25 Oct 2016

    Kindly go to my profile and you will see that I offer a very different type of service:)

  • Hi Mam, Are your sessions comparable to the European and American sessions I am used to?

    by bijoyrp – 25 May 2016

    Very much so ! Being European and having brought over my equipment, knowledge, experience, tools and expertise from Europe, I take great pride in keeping my session up to the same professional standard.

  • Can you do a session in my home?

    by Anandasiva – 21 May 2016

    My sessions take place in the privacy of my discreet luxury apartment in the Greens where I create the perfect atmosphere for the session with soft lighting, great tools , equipment, my kinky outfits and beautiful high heel collection. I keep a very high standard of hygiene and in my upscale building we will not be bothered by security. Nice, safe and discreet!

  • Misstress, I am looking for a role play with an office setting. Would you be open for that ...?

    by krup_008 (4 other questions) – 16 May 2016

    Absolutely ! A dominant female Boss calling her submissive staff into her office telling him what to do in order to keep his job is definitely a lot of fun !

  • Hi , you are at Dubai now?are you available tomorrow night?

    by sad_daz (9 other questions) – 29 Apr 2016

    You can contact me by WhatsApp on 00 31 6 2132 6162

  • Hi Baby,
    Do you like to be my slave.
    Do you like to
    Starting with you Romantically by Deep French Kissing, Touch your body softly.
    squeeze your ass and tits and bit you nipples.
    Spank your ass strongly by hand and my belt or by whip.
    Slap on your face and pull your hair.
    Giving you order to lie down like the dog and sign to you to come on your knees my slave.
    to be my slave and abuse you giving you the order to lick my foot . leg . then suck my ball and cock
    Tie your hands back by my hands or by handcuffs pull you to the mirror and fuck you front of the mirror.
    Fisting your pussy by my fingers. lick your pussy and thighs. Light Domination with hard spanking and hard french kiss. If you like that Ok tell me . If you don't like. let me know what you like and I will be gentleman with you.
    waiting for your reply.
    Thank You.

    by zikas78 (70 other questions) – 19 Apr 2016

    I guess you are a little confused what being a Mistress entails.
    Dominance is in my blood and I could never be in a submissive role.
    Please feel free to read my ad to see what I offer. This is a far cry from the scenario you proposed lol.
    Best wishes

  • I am completely new to this. Do you have a list of interests I can choose from?

    by Ahmed_elsayed – 14 May 2016

    Send me an email to [email protected] and you will receive a full list as well as a link to page where you find pictures of the interests. This way, even for a complete beginner it's super easy to choose what you like to try.

  • Hello divine mistress, can i be present during someone else's session? i will pay the tribute for his session.

    by footsieluv (1 other question) – 5 Apr 2016

    My mindblowing BDSM sessions are One on One. Get ready for a lot of excitement!!

  • Mistress, would it be ok for you to take a video / picture of our session so that I can remember you always when I go back to my home country?

    by rahulroy_32 – 16 Apr 2016

    I can indeed take pictures WITH YOUR OWN PHONE or even a short video so you will have a very nice souvenir !

  • Dear Mistress Anita.
    I feel that I already know exciting you from your web site with the seductive pictures and descriptions.
    I will be around Dubai for business this week. To get loose of my tensions, I would like to have a time of total slavery and being humiliated by you. In the most intimate way.
    So, I hope you have time for miserable me. Contact me this week, please.
    I beg.

    by Bragu – 6 Apr 2016

    Will be more than happy to prepare a brilliant BDSM session for us!
    I offer sessions every day except Fridays.
    You can contact me by Whatsapp or by email.
    Look forward to having a great session with you !

  • can i be your slave 24x7? I am just thrilled at the thought of serving at your feet day in day out. it would be heaven

    by footsieluv (1 other question) – 28 Mar 2016

    Hi, I offer 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours, 3 hour sessions.
    An evening, an overnight and a 12 hour day session are also exciting options.

    For full details, just whatsapp me or email me : [email protected]

    Do check out my website:

  • Hello pretty
    What about professional face slapping

    by John_38 (19 other questions) – 1 Apr 2016

    I am a Professional Mistress and offer exciting BDSM sessions. Face slapping soft, medium, hard or extreme are just the tip of ice berg of my huge list of possibilities.
    Send me an email to [email protected] or Whatsapp me so I can send you my list of possibilities.

  • Hello Misstress Anita can I book your slave girl to join in our session?

    by krup_008 (4 other questions) – 30 Mar 2016

    I am currently offering exciting One on One sessions.
    For a full list of possibilities, simply send me a Whatsapp message or email to [email protected]
    Remember this is NOT an escort service.
    My service is on a complete different mind blowing level!

  • Mistress if I am only onto feet, can I still take a session with you?

    by krup_008 (4 other questions) – 19 Mar 2016

    Feet Fetish is in fact the number one fetish in the Middle East and I really love it too!

  • With all the Mistresses in Dubai, what makes you stand out?

    by Sfguyhere – 21 Feb 2016

    I am a professional European Mistress with lots of experience with newcomers and experienced slaves alike.
    I am a very conscientious and responsible type of person.
    Hygiene, Safety and Discretion are at the top of my priority list.
    I help slaves to fill out an interest form as it's extremely important that the session will be something he has always dreamt about.
    Moreover I have a vast array of equipment, tools and outfits to be super creative with in my sessions..
    Feel free to read the reviews on my website and you will get the picture !

  • Hello mistress, what is your favorite pair of leather gloves and which do you like more whips or canes and why ?

     – 16 Feb 2016

    I have a vast collection of tools and outfits brought over from Europe over the years that I have lived in Dubai.

    I very much enjoy being super creative with the fetishes which my subs and slaves choose so I adapt the usage of my tools according to their interests.
    Not all slaves are into pain so I tailor - make my sessions and do not always use the whips/canes you mentioned.

    My favourite pair of leather gloves are long, a designer pair from the luxury brand L'Agent Provocateur .
    They are made from the very softest leather and have silver studs on the finger tips. Stunning !

  • hi mistress,

    I'm first timer , so I'm wondering if you could train me to be your slave and at the same time i feel nervous ?
    btw you have the most beautiful feet i have ever seen .


    by ahmedaj – 17 Feb 2016

    Hi Ahmed,

    Thank you. I am very lucky that the number one fetish in the Middle East is Feet Fetish !

    I am a professional Mistress and very experienced in training newcomers into a perfect slave/sub on all levels.

    It's perfectly normal to feel a bit nervous.
    It fact it heightens the experience 😉
    To set your mind at rest: I am a very responsible and conscientious person.
    Hygiene and safety are top priority for me. You will be in the best hands !

  • Hi mistress Anita
    Do you do out call session ?

    by ffiajla – 15 Feb 2016

    My sessions take place in the privacy of my safe and discreet home in the upscale Greens, close to Tecom.
    There is no Security or Reception there to bother us.
    You just press a code on the Intercom to enter. Perfect !
    In my home I can create the perfect atmosphere with candle light and music to enhance the session even more.
    My apartment is fully equipped for a professional BDSM session.
    Newcomers who wish to experience a more sensual BDSM session are very welcome too !

  • Hi mistress I would like to ask you if you have many tools to use during the session ?

    by Fiajla – 18 Feb 2016

    My apartment is very well stocked yes. I have all sorts of fun tools and equipment for us to use so if you are into that, you will be blown away by the possibilities !

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