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My name is EmperatriX and I will start by saying that ever since I was little I was very ambitious, stubborn and demanding. As I became adult, I gradually discovered the world of BDSM. It is a very complex environment where you can explore a big amount of things and scenarios.That fascinated me, being a very creative and curious person . My natural demanding behavior made me to love playing and push the boundaries of my subjects.

I'm open to new challenges and ideas. I'm delighted with original and unique scenarios.

My interests are varied, ranging from innocent fetishes to corporal tortures and slightly more challenging scenarios.
I am preferably looking for long-term bdsm arrangements with subs or longer sessions, I like to create a special connection between me and my sub. And this is something that you can built in time, gradually.

I enjoy:

SISSY( feminization)
If you have specific fetishes or role-play ideas not on this list, feel free to let me know and I'll see if it intrigues me.

I will NOT apreciate if I get any of this requirements in a conversation:

-❗❗any sexual favours❗❗❗NO SEX ❗
- exchanging pictures on kik/whatsapp/viber/imessage/email or any other platform. I am not a sexting robot.
- chatting on the phone to discuss our session in details before it has even been confirmed (or even after).

I rather prefer longer sessions where we can actually create a bond between us in order to have a great time !
To book a session with me send me a whatsapp message . I respond only to polite, educated , advanced slaves.


Incalls per hour from
2,500 AED (US$ 680)
BDSMDominationFace sittingFoot fetishRimming receivingRole playSex toysSpankingStraponTie and teaseUniformsGiving watersports
English (Fluent)
Spanish (Fluent)
Italian (Good)
175 cm / 5′9″
Extra Large
Hair color


  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    My beloved Mistress , our session in Abu Dhabi was something that I will cherish forever . I missed to be under your feet and I wish I can be there forever .
    Everything is mind blowing when it comes to you .
    Your style , your smell , the way you tease, the way you talk , even the way you give the punishment is sexy and classy . You are , no doubts , one of the greatest Mistresses I ever had the change to meet .
    You got me so excited and I can’t take you out of my brain .
    I guess I will travel to Dubai just to surrender myself to you one more time. I can’t help myself ... you always make me so weak !

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Thank you so much Mistress for allowing your humble slave to serve and worship You. Let me begin by saying You are the most beautiful, elegant and dominant woman I have ever seen.
    For those of you reading this you must book a session and serve Mistress Emperatrix.
    She started the session by asking me about my limits and we established a safe word. I am a big latex fan and she made sure to make me lick and clean her latex boots until they were shiny and to her liking. I loved every second of it. She is the type of woman you want to impress and make her happy.
    She is strong, dominant, clear about instructions and so so sensual.
    I will be returning to you Mistress for more training and I can only dream of becoming your number one slave.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    My toungue is itching to lick the ground where you walk on Mistress! A true Goddess of teasing and denial ! Looking amazing in thouse latex costumes ! I bow down in front of you and definitely will serve you again because you are so addictive! Thank you Mistress!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    My beloved Queen , here is your little humile dog that like to tell you that I never saw more beautiful feet and legs in my entire life ! You are so tall and beautiful and still have that amazing small feet ! I am in love with your feet ! I bow down forever in front of your beauty and all your knowledge! I still dream about our last session and for sure I will come to serve you when you will allow me !

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I would like to share my experience with other subs. I contacted Mistress EmperatriX via phone call. She answered to me, gave me clear informations and also a feeling that I should be under her feet as soon as possible. Her voice is demanding, nice voice, good English. As I arrived to her door and she opened...I was so happy to choice her. Stunning, tall and sociable. Soon as we start the session... she pushed my limits, she is a professional regrading CBT, also have the right tools that she loves to use. She also knows how to become sensual and tease you then deny you. I enjoyed and cherished every second in her presence. You are a Goddess that made me addicted, I will serve you as many times as you will allow me!

  • Rating: 1 / 5by (1 other review)

    Total waste of time, terrible communication skills, true wannabe mistress. Pics are not really shown cos if they were then the hit rating would drop to near zilch.

    This is obvious a fake review from somebody that never visit me. If you simply read my description or my answers to other questions is simple to see that I am
    Not the one who have bad communication skills ?! In my description you can check my personal website and tweeter . I am a well known Mistress here . It’s so sad you are so frustrated and also is sad that this is all you find to say about me . You are so pathetic ? better became a real slave and be pathetic in a session , not in real life ! Who don t have haters, it s not truly successful! Thank you to remind me that I am so good ! Have a great life !

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I had the honor to meet again this Goddess today. She give me all the instructions short and clearly and I found myself under her flawless feet. The session was magical. She is a true sensual, misterious and demanding Mistress. Let her treat you like she think you deserve and you will get the most amazing experience. I will definitely bow down again. Good luck Goddess!


  • Hello Mistress, is 7 August last day for sessions?

    by feetslave32 (2 other questions) – 2 Aug 2021

    Good afternoon my favorite loyal . Yes, I will travel on 7 of august . That’s the last day.
    I have only few spots left .
    Book sessions in advance!

    See you !

  • I like to be treated like a slut and being controlled and collared by you mistress, i am a foot slave i like to bow under your feet and worship them like a pathetic dog. I will obey all your orders mistress, just make me your whore

    by Christiansam212 (101 other questions) – 30 Jul 2021

    In order for you to book a session with me , you should contact me via whatsapp.
    Read my profile carefully before you message me .

    Have a good day!

  • Are you available this week?

    by feetslave32 (2 other questions) – 26 Jul 2021

    Good evening, as is mentioned in my profile I am available since 20 July till 30 July.
    For any bookings , contact via whatsapp.

    Have a good evening.

  • Can you put your soft hand my ass without wearing gloves . i want you to tear and hard fuck my tight ass hole with your hand . i like very much fisting and painfull fucking with huge strapon . If you don't find it messy, then reply

    by Sumit_10 (216 other questions) – 22 Jul 2021

    Good afteroon ! No, I do not provide this type of service! Anyway for booking sessions or questions , You can Send Messages via whatsapp. Read my profile carefully before you message !

    Have a good day!

  • Can u fuck my ass during i'm farting?

    by Slaver25 (10 other questions) – 30 Jul 2021

    Can you adress better questions ?

  • You do squirt and only giving or receiving ?

    by brownjocelyn5850 (34 other questions) – 18 Jul 2021

    I am a Mistress . Not a escort . Read my profile carefully before you text me . Have a nice day !

  • Welcome back my beautiful Queen! I had the honor to serve you , 1 Year ago, I must Say I can’t forget that session! I will like to repet the experience if is posible ? Do you think you have Any available Spot for me on 15 oct ? I Bow Down

    by doorcarpet – 10 Oct 2020

    Good afternoon! Yes for sure I have a free spot for you! Better contact me on my whatsapp and we can agree the details there!

  • Good morning Mistress. I found your profile to be amazing, I would like to humble ask you if you still have any availability for a session during today time. Thank you !

    by josephthepiggy (2 other questions) – 21 Aug 2020

    Good morning ! Yes I am available today from 11am to 10pm only !! ‼️‼️‼️Last 2 days‼️‼️‼️ Few spots available ‼️ Contact me via whatsapp so we can talk the details !

  • Good afternoon you Mistress. I couldn't make it in that day . Do I still have any change to meet you for today? I promise I will make it up to you . Please my queen, I write this message standing on my knees now...please give me a chance

    by Ahmedheellover (1 other question) – 20 Aug 2020

    Good afternoon! I do not give second chances. When you want to book a session be sure you are ready , make sure you have the time and everything prepared before booking a session ! This the way you show me respect!
    I am available from 11 am to 9 pm.
    Have a nice day!

  • Omgggg I am in love with your feet! There is any chance to book a session with you for today ?
    Your humble servant

    by Ahmedheellover (1 other question) – 18 Aug 2020

    ‼️‼️‼️Sure Ahmed . Contact me on my whatsapp number ‼️‼️‼️ Today i am available till 10pm only ‼️‼️‼️

  • My Queen, would it be possible to book a few hours in your presence? Your humble slave will make sure to book according to your instructions

    by Dominic_Lexington (1 other question) – 17 Aug 2020

    Good afternoon. Yes sure . You have all the details and my contact number on my profile . Contact me on whatsapp and we can arrange a session . Have a good day!

  • I want to live out a tickle fantasy. Would you tie me to a bed, tease me, tickle me, lick me, ride me, tickle me using your feet. and finish me off?

    by rayzay170 (72 other questions) – 12 Aug 2020

    Good afternoon! Yes , I can provide a tickling session and tie you up and tickle you using my feet . But I do not lick you and I do not ride you.
    I am offering only Mistress services . All the details are in my profile description!
    Have a nice day !

  • Hi mistress
    Scat femdom and sting Farting Spitting face to Piss drink femdom
    No proplem mistress
    Do you do that

    by Gay_Server_for_girls (86 other questions) – 12 Aug 2020

    I provide only Golden shower . Not scat . Check my profile. All the information is there ! Have a nice day!

  • Hey ?? there, are you ok to dominate me, fuck my asshole good and make me eat my own cum, and teach me how to be your slutty whore? ????

    by fslt20998 (13 other questions) – 7 Nov 2019

    Good morning ! For sure, we can arrange a meeting . For talking the details you must contact me on whatsapp!

  • Hi Goddess!! ? how long you will be available in Dubai ? Thank you!

    by Wuffwuff51 (1 other question) – 27 Apr 2019

    Good afternoon! ONLY 10 DAYS IN DUBAI! Book a session in advance to don t loose the chance to serve Me!

  • Hi mistress , until when you will be in dubai ?

    by OSO (17 other questions) – 26 Apr 2019

    Good afternoon! I will be in Dubai 10 more days ! Then I am leaving ! Don t miss the chance to get under my feet! Contact me on whatsapp and we will talk there more details !

  • Hi mistress! How long you will stay in AD?

    by ahmedsissy222 (1 other question) – 21 Apr 2019

    Good morning ! I am Available in AD from 21 April till 23 April only! Few spots left!

  • Hello mistress! How long you will be available in Dubai?

    by ahmedsissy222 (1 other question) – 12 Apr 2019

    Hello . I will be here only for 1 or 2 weeks more . So in order to book a session with me , contact me on my whatsapp or call me . Hurry up, don t loose this chance!

  • It’s late now. I will contact you tomorrow. ??

    by doggyjai (1 other question) – 2 Apr 2019

    I am available in the day time . From 11 am to 11 pm . Try to arrange a booking between that hours. Have a nice day!

  • Hi mistress, can I bark all session? ??

    by doggyjai (1 other question) – 31 Mar 2019

    Good evening . In order to book a session with me contact me on whatsapp or call me. Yes you can bark .

  • How much for 1h ??

    by davidcharless (11 other questions) – 19 Mar 2019

    Hello . If you read my description you have all the INFO and prices there ! Have a nice day !

  • Good evening Mistress .
    I would like to ask you till when are you available in Dubai ? do you have the latex red and black costume with you? Thank you Goddess !

    by valerossi5555 – 16 Mar 2019

    Yes I am available in Dubai this month ! Yes I do have all the costumes from the pics with me and more then that . Whatsapp me and book a session . Have a nice day!

  • Hello

    I am Dubai and looking for humiliation and domination session along with sex
    I would love to get humiliated about my penis size.

    by Ben_Haris (35 other questions) – 18 Mar 2019

    Hello ! I am a profesional Mistress providing only BDSM services! No sex ! Check my description ! Have a nice day !

  • Hello Goddess ! I would like to know how many pairs of shoes did you bring with you this time ?

    by Lovvelx – 4 Mar 2019

    Good afternoon . I have 10 pairs of shoes and 2 pairs of boots ! Book a session with me to admire my colection !

  • Good afternoon Goddess! Do you have CBT tools with you? Can I book 2h CBT traning ?

    by Wuffwuff51 (1 other question) – 20 Feb 2019

    Good afternoon! Yes I do have CBT tools . Also chastity device , electric ⚡ waves device ! Just contact me on my whatsapp number and book a session !

  • How long you will stay in Dubai, my Queen?

    by lextervip (3 other questions) – 18 Feb 2019

    Good afternoon! I just arrived! I will be available for couple of weeks ! Don t miss the chance to be under my feet! Call me a book a session! Have a nice day!

  • U didnt answer my question,,,, does she swallow cum?

    by davidoliver (7 other questions) – 28 Dec 2018

    If you check all the questions I have , you never ask me nothing . And if you check my profile you can see that I am a Mistress that don t provide sex! Any kind of sex! So your question is rude and inappropriate!

  • Good afternoon my goddess! Would you give me the chance to serve you today?

    by dongambinos72 (1 other question) – 28 Dec 2018

    Good afternoon! You should take my contact number and call me to book a session with me ! See you soon !

  • Good afternoon Mistress! would you consider to give me the honor to serve you in the new year?

    by dongambinos72 (1 other question) – 26 Dec 2018

    Good evening ! I can’t give you a sure answer now, but you can call me to discuss. Have a nice day !

  • You do a full weekend puppy training ? Thank you !

    by cebeialbei (1 other question) – 22 Dec 2018

    Yes , you can book me for the full weekend . Call me and text me so we can talk the details . Have a good day!

  • Do you have canning and whipping tools?

    by alecmassar – 20 Dec 2018

    Good afternoon. Yes I do have this kind of tools . And CBT tools . To book a session contact me and we can talk more !

  • Are you available in Dubai for the New Year???

    by lucabottelli (2 other questions) – 18 Dec 2018

    I will be available in Dubai till January. For others information you can call me !

  • Good evening Mistress ! I would like to know what’s your availability this week . And if you are specialized in CBT . Thank you for your precious time!

    by larryflint69 (1 other question) – 14 Dec 2018

    Good afternoon! I am available from 11 am to 11 pm . Only day time . Everyday . Yes I am specialized in CBT . For more info contact me on my whatsapp number ! Have a nice day !

  • All the toys and costumes from pictures are available?

    by lextervip (3 other questions) – 12 Dec 2018

    Good afternoon! Yes I have all the tools and toys that you see in the pictures and even more then that! Call me to arrange a session and you will see ! Have a nice day!

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