💥 Please read this BEFORE GETTING IN TOUCH: With 22 years of training in science, spirituality, tantra & wellbeing I offer profound and highly effective erotic education, embodied healing and tantric massage for women & men. NOT AVAILABLE FOR LAST-MINUTE appointments. Next availability - 16th Sep. If you’re interested, please read about my offering & check the intake process below.
🐆 I am a tantrica, a researcher and a highly sensitive woman. I create a world where busy men and women like you can feel deliciously loved through a range of new experiences and sensory stimulations including radical honesty, loving acceptance, massage, pleasurable touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste.

This is my personal favourite. A playful guided movement, touch and awareness practice focused on drawing aliveness from within. A super easy and fun way for you to try the fundamentals of my approach to tantra, the process of ecstatic flow and transformation of energy in your being.
Please note: here the pleasure & aliveness come from inside of you, and there are unlimited quantities of it. It's not an interaction with my body, and I am clothed. Being clothed is my personal preference, but it's also more valuable for you if you're looking to expand your sexual world. Men are conditioned to get destructed way too easily by another body, outside, etc. You've done this for years, now my mission is to show you treasures inside. Give yourself this gift! And it'll also enhance your other pleasures, when you're with another being, etc.
These fundamentals are covered in my first in-person sessions, and then practiced in most. Hence, they will be used in my later work allowing for shorter sessions if you're tight on time.
The session is 1 hr and it costs £50. Available only once to new clients.

Do you know that most men are conditioned to give pleasure to a woman? That's how they get to feel "MANLY". They therefore have very limited capacity to feel pleasure in their body outside the tip of their cock.
In my work, you have a chance to fully relax and receive, without busying your mind with delivering pleasure to your partner. Ironically, this will enable you to give pleasure to others many times better than before. All senses and ranges of stimulations are involved in perfect proportion to achieve expansive pleasures that turn on your whole being and, when followed with trust and surrender, leave you feel ecstatic and elated for days to come.
It's an erotic, sensual and energetic experience of surrender focused on your body, generally and primarily one way touch. The sessions start at £290 for 2 hrs, repeated sessions get 20% discount.

Have you had times when you rushed into sex and then felt it wasn't it? This likely happened because you followed a hidden script, social expectations, etc. The key is follow the truth of the moment with all involved, no matter how it may look like and what goals can be achieved.
You're a powerful erotic being. And I'm here to help you discover real multi-orgasmic intimacy whether on your own or with a partner, clothed or naked. In 4-6 sessions with me you’ll learn & try everything you need to know to have a mind-blowing heart-expanding erotic life.
This experience is tailored for you to learn essential and advanced skills of creating arousal, building connection, activating all parts of your and your partner's being (heart, kind, belly, sex), and maintaining the exquisite dance of aliveness while moving in ecstasy. Practices involve communication, consent, body movement, sound, meditation, activation of the senses, etc.
The 12-hour package starts from £1400 (15% off). It is distributed among 4-6 sessions (12 hrs).

** I've also got an affordable option for learning profound ways of relating. For details please check the mind-heard-body pleasuring meditation on my website.

If you are interested in a session and know what you desire, please communicate it via a message. Otherwise, in order to help us understand your needs, you could fill in intake form of the relevant service on my website, and I'll let you know if I can support your intention.
P.S. This is a highly qualified professional service. Greetings or "how are you" gives no useful information to me. When contacting, please be mindful of not taking my attention for granted. Namaste 🙏

Payment and booking conditions:
1. I take £50 deposit on all bookings (bank transfer, revolut, crypto, paypal, wise).
2. Minimum first session length is 2 hrs.
3. 18+ only.
4. Scholarships and discounted rates available to youth, students, concessions and public sector entry & mid level employees. Please enquire about the application process.

** I also do sexual education work with groups. Check out my website for more details.

Incalls per hour from
£112 (US$ 137)
Outcalls per hour from
£131 (US$ 161)
English (Fluent)
Russian (Fluent)
Spanish (Good)
167 cm / 5′6″
Hair color
United Kingdom
  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Thais is a beautiful and wise woman, and she has magic hands. She held her hands on my lower back for a few minutes during a massage, and I’m still not sure what happened but I went from feeling tired and closed off to experiencing waves of pleasure in my whole body for what must have been 15-20 minutes at least. Incredible.

    Dear Marioot, thank you for your feedback! I felt that your body was asking for nourishment then. So I held my hands offering for the vital energy to come through my hands into your body. And it worked! ❤️

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Tais's care and respect that she transmits during the session is evident from her knowledge of the tantra way of life.
    An educator for connecting with oneself from the core level, Tais helped me begin healing while discovering a dormant feeling of myself that is wrapped in arms of non judgmental acceptance.
    Cultivating an atmosphere that sets the mind and body to ease, Her methods of meditation and realigning the chakras opens oneself up to letting go of negativity and exploring a pathway to internal and universal connectivity.
    Tais is a strong, welcoming, gracious soul with a relaxing determination to help improve the wellbeing of those she works with.
    I can't explain enough of the doors she has helped me open into a more confident, strengthening direction of healing.
    Tais allows you to surrender to yourself with the energy she helps manifest.
    She is a wonderful expression of letting go of the heavy and being in the moment through connecting with oneself.
    A transformational experience from an admirable human being.
    Thank you."

    You’re very welcome, Ralph. It’s been a great pleasure working with you! 🙏🏽

  • Hey beautiful lady, sorry for asking since you're a being of light. But how big is your biggest strapon?

    by Mrrightnow – 14 Sep 2023

    Greetings, it’s adjustable. As I offer conscious sexuality education and healing, please go through the website and understand in what context strap on is being used in my work.
    Kind regards

  • Hi Tais,
    Lovely to meet such an incredible lightworker! I'm visiting from NZ and I wanted to explore the sexual desire which I have to be firmly massaged or punched in the solar plexus. Understand if it's a bit too strange for you. Rob x

    by Robjenkins – 20 Jun 2023

    Hi Rob,

    Thank you for your enquiry. I am open to explore this with you as long as you're are open and willing to stay present throughout. That's what sets apart the conscious kink: we want to stay fully connected both to our desires and to the rest of our being. In that fulfillment & insights are more likely, and re-enactment of unhelpful patters is less likely.

    Looking forward to hearing how this feels 🙏

  • Hi Can you do needle play 🍆💉💉💉?

    by Anoyxxx – 29 Oct 2022

    Thank you for your question. No, I am not trained in such a technique.

    All the best

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