**Making me feel like you are wanting me badly is the most sexiest feeling.

Making you horny and making you smile are my 2 favorite things.💋 🤤**

*Telegram Username: L33ife

•Open for Mutually beneficial relationship

For VERIFIED Clients ONLY with active past ‘walk’ who can vouch you for legitemacy or better yet buy my videos worth at least 3k pesos as proof that you are legit, capable and a SURE taker.

As for my new clients and client abroad, i suggest you buy my videos 1st to see how i work and for easy transaction to be able for meet ups.

Pre made VIDEOS and OUTCALLS near my place or in your preferred location with additional rate depending on the place of meet up.

No Buying of My Videos 1st, No Meet Up, requirement for new or 1st time to meet clients only.
**I can show the reviews and feedbacks from the buyers of my videos as proof I am real and genuine.

*No need to buy videos if meet up at VC North, Sogo Mindanao Ave ONLY today ONLY

Hi! Im Aisle/ Olive, sweet horny, good conversationalist and i love making love, i feel every touch, every moment. No dull and boring moment with me as i enjoy my time with you. Focus to you only 😉💋

Pls be reminded that i am for SURE transaction only. No chitchat without closing a deal or setting a sched. No free sexchat or free video call, pls no picture collector. No sweet talking without trying to meet me in person 1st with my rates here. Pls respect my rates, no haggling. Be gentleman and i'll make you my man if you treat me well as a woman.

Im also selling sex videos with hot nudes and i prioritize to meet those who have availed my videos.

Vital Stats: 36C- 26- 36
Light Skintone
No tattoo

BE MAN ENOUGH, take a risk, make an effort, respect my rates and meet me and i'll make sure it will all worth it 💋

**Meet up Rate starts at 9k

••• Buying my Pre-made sex or solo videos worth at least 3k or availing my camshow worth at least 4k is a MUST for us to meet in person and have a great time as assurance that you are legit and capable.
Thank you for complying and understanding, you are a real gentleman, i would be happy to meet you 💋

•Pre-made Videos - 3k
•Video Call - 4k
• Meet up Rate starts at 9k..

*No need to buy videos if meet up at VC North, Sogo Mindanao Ave ONLY today ONLY

Do not message me when you can’t afford my rate and can’t follow my rules. Thank you. Have fun and Be safe always.

**** Pls do not message me when you are not yet 100% ready to meet me and to follow my rules to buy the videos 1st as proof of your legitemacy as i am for SURE transaction ONLY

Thank you for choosing me 💋
It’s my pleasure to give the BEST service you deserve

Outcalls per hour from
₱9,000 (US$ 154)
170 cm / 5′7″
Hair color
  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Met Olive last night and had a wonderful time with her. She’s definitely worth it and ensures your time together is well spent! She is a sure stunner and her pictures here don’t do justice to how beautiful she is in person. You’ll never have a dull moment with her. I will definitely book her again!

    I enjoyed talking to you as well, you are soft spoken and easy to catch up and good sucker too 😉💋
    See you!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Just had an awesome night with this gorgeous lady. Endless conversations, anything under the sun, literally no dull moments.

    Worth every penny, guys be generous give here extra and be gentle with her 😄

    I admire your patience and willingness to meet me. Thanks a lot! I had fun! See you again! 💋

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Met her just last night. She's genuine and legit. Was sweet and pleasant to be with. All the reviews here look real so I got to see it to believe it and it was awesome experiencing it first-hand. She was really intense and passionate in bed, my lower half felt out of this world. And... Like the other reviews point out, you just don't have to be patient... You have to be REALLY, REALLY patient. Patience is a virtue. But all the wait is worth it, I assure it, from a guy who only based it on reviews here and had the full experience myself. Please do handle her with care, because I might book her again. Thank you again for the lovely experience, take care.

    Thank you for patiently waiting me 😉💋

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Yesterday, I had a wonderful night with this lovely lady and damn it was awesome. Body is 10/10, skills in bed is 10/10, her skin is soft and her hygiene is 10/10. I can consider her the best or one of the best that you can find here in MR. If just in case you are strict when it comes to punctuality I would say that she will fail on that part because I have waited for more than 2hrs and I was bit disappointed but when she arrived and we started it damn hahaha my disappointment was erased. She is worth every penny and worth the wait I can promise that.

    Please treat her with care

    I am looking forward to book her again.

    Thanks that you have bought my videos twice and then i met you in real and you've been generous. Hope to meet you again.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Olive was a very horny lady, she was intense and passionate in bed and gave me one of the best experience in sex

    Thank you for this 💋
    Hope to meet you again

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Tall, Sexy, No dull moments, Very very Horny. She's a bit expensive for me but she is absolutely worth it. I rarely do rewalks cause I want to try out other ladies but I got Olive 12 times. She's the best Sexperience I've ever had. That's how good she is. You'll go home with a big smile on your face guaranteed

    Thank you for staying since then until now 💋

  • Can you do raw but not cum in you but cum in your face and mouth with tongue sticking out, with dirty talking? Swallow or not, up to you.

    by ongbeesuan56 – 13 Apr 2024

    Yes but i cant do dirty talking and not swallowing, only cum in mouth and face w/ tounge sticking out

  • I really can't locate your TG. Did you change your account or account settings?

    Interested in purchasing videos for future sessions.

    by Alan_Ganin – 31 Mar 2024

    Hi, You might got blocked. Pls message me in WhatsApp instead if you are a SURE buyer/taker (3k worth of videos) to proceed in meet up

  • i would like to avail your content. what is your TG?

    by space_ghost69 – 4 Mar 2024

    Just type 💋
    I changed the setting now, pls try to find me there and pls only to those willing to buy the videos 1st worth at least 3k, if not pls dont bother messaging me. Thank you 💋

  • Can you do a mom/son incest roleplay during the deed?

    by gustavernhildr – 27 Feb 2024

    Sorry no!!

  • Hi do you do CIM? Thanks

    by javierjoserocky – 24 Feb 2024

    Hi, yes

  • You accept virgin clients? I want you to be my first.

    by andradegarza911 – 20 Jan 2024

    Hi, yes i do as long as you are willing to buy the videos 1st prior to meet up as an assurance and as proof of your legitemacy. Thank you
    Hope to meet you

  • Hi, do you accept roleplay requests for taboo fantasies?

    by gustavernhildr – 23 Jan 2024

    Hi, yes depends..
    but let's see..

  • Do you have TG or Line

    by Sunrise11 – 8 Dec 2023

    Yes i have Telegram. But willing to buy the videos 1st so i could add you there?

  • Still active?

    by aytimanser – 12 Sep 2023

    Pls see my pictures, all are latest and with dates indicated at the bottom. I always update my pictures in every 'walk'/meet up i had.

  • How to avail your content?

    by MomolNights – 1 May 2023

    Pls message me at my # posted here➡️ 📞
    Thank you

  • do you accept first timer?? and if yes hm would the video would cost 😄

    by OkieDokie – 28 Apr 2023

    Yes as long as you are a gentleman who follows rules and as long as you really want to meet me, we will still have a good time. Pls message me at my #📞here for complete details about the videos.

  • Hi there! I sent you an email. Can't seem to find you in TG..

    by agentorange117 – 26 Apr 2023

    Hi! My Telegram is in private setting, i'll add you there after you purchase the videos to make sure you are real taker because i am for SURE transaction only. Thank you

  • would like to know if you are willing to have sex with male of zero sex experience

    by Rookie_Guy – 23 Apr 2023

    Yes as long as you are a gentleman who follows rules and as long as you really want to meet me, we will still have a good time.

  • Can you post here photos of your feet?

    by jacktosot – 2 Sep 2022

    Hi. For other request, willing to buy my videos for us to proceed?

  • Would like to purchase your exclusive vids for possible future booking...

    by Arbiter – 4 Jul 2022

    Hi! Yes pls message me at my number for the complete details and for the transaction. Thank you! 💋

  • Do you do footjobs?

    by lukescorpio1981 – 27 Jun 2022

    Yeah im willing

  • can you do 3somes with me & my man?

    by sexybabe_2 – 3 May 2022

    Hi! Yeah but no G2G action

  • Details and rates pls

    by magtarayopatrick – 1 Apr 2022

    Hi. Sent in your email already, pls check. Thank you

  • is your number active? can't find you in TG

    by tolaez2020 – 12 Nov 2021

    Yes still active on Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, Imo: 0915674414*

    Pls try to search in Telegram "💋"

  • Hi, I hope you don't mind me asking for proof as well... Could you send it to me as well... Thanks

    by Arbiter – 29 Oct 2021

    Hi! Yes, pls give me your contact details, ill send you the screenshots of those who have bought my videos as proof of legitemacy. Thank you

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