Hello Everyone,

I Request to all first read my descriptions.🙏🏻🙏🏻

🌹Welcome to my profile.🌹

🟥 I am Tanya, Independent GIRL from beautiful city MUMBAI. No agent Involved.

🟥 Only real meeting. No CAM, No video service, No nude pic, No prerecorded videos. Sorry.

🟥 I offer an genuine, hygienic, discrete, safe and completely dedicated service to meet your expectations and demand.

🟥 I am an elegant, fashionable, clean, tall, fair, beautiful, smart, and open minded girl.

🟥 I can offer a pleasurable and charming time for you simply like your girlfriend.

🟥 I can be everything you have always wanted – sexy and naughty one moment, sassy and charming the next. I want to feel all of you, and for you to enjoy every part of me.

⭕ Coming to my services, I offer all regular service, but no anal, a perfect girlfriend experience.

⭕ I am definitely not a clock watcher. When I am with you, my priority is you and you will get my full time till your satisfaction.

⭕ For appointment Please message me on WhatsApp and I will get back to you as soon as possible.😊

⭕ While messaging me, please don’t just write Hi or Hello. You might not get reply from me. Please mention you got number from MR.

⭕ Only 4 star or 5 star Hotel, near airport only, for meeting. No Oyo, No Fab strictly.

⭕ No Home visit. No in call. Out call only. No out of station travel. My beautiful Service in Mumbai only.

💸 20k 1 hour 1 session.

⭕ No direct call, No WhatsApp call, No video call. Else you will be blocked.

⭕ Misbehaviour will not be tolerated.

⭕Time waster are not allowed immediately blocked.

🌹Your ultimate satisfaction is my top priority.🌹

❣️❣️Lots of LOVE❣️❣️


Outcalls per hour from
₹20,000 (US$ 244)
Hindi (Fluent)
English (Good)
165 cm / 5′5″
Hair color


  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Tanya is beautiful and sexy. Time you spend with her passes very quickly. H ad a wonderful time with her.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I invited her to my hotel near Mumbai Airport. Tanya is a super cute girl. She asked me to take a shower, I did, Came back in my towel and saw her in a black bra and panty( She is a dam fair skin baby u can imagine black on her) . Absolute goosebumps and mentally, My Dragon was prepared that he will have a good time...

    She gave me a sloppy BJ which was the best of the best. Started kissing her all over her body , removed her panties and saw her pink tight pussy...right absolutely pink pussy which was soft and tight. Fingered her a little put on the condom and fucked her missionary , then doggy then Reverse Cow Girl. Asked her to give me a bj again and finished in missionary with her..total 30 mins of insane fucking and drilling sexy baby. Took some rest ,had a session again followed by a lot of action. She kissed me , hugged me and then she left.

    If you're looking for soft and warm lips on your dick She's the right choice
    She knows how to blow and drain u completely.
    I recommend her
    I will surely meet her again.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Hi, I met Tanya recently in Santacruz Mumbai,
    Meeting with her is very memorable. She's very pretty nice and elegant. She is real and Independent Girl. no agent involved with her. She is very warm and amazing in bed. She have a hot yummy figure in perfect shape. she knows how to push the correct catches to fulfill me each way. I played with her whole body kissing blow job satisfied my deep sensual desires and mind blowing oral job with Romantic Hindi music. That's really much inspired me. She offered
    complete true hot services. Her time with me was brilliant and unrushed event.
    Thanks you so much for tremendous service and beautiful memories.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Very beautiful and sexy girl.
    Met this goddess in JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar for full night. We had dinner together and then proceed for deed. She is little bit expensive but trust me one of best girl I ever meet. Her BJ is out of world. Having a good pair of very nice boobs. She fulfilled my all wish and made me very comfortable and made the night so memorable with her moves , with her talk and with her seduction.
    Hope to see you soon babe.
    LOVE U.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Met Tanya yesterday. She is very beautiful and hot girl.
    this was my first time with her I must say for best experience u can meet her.
    don't know why some pimps are after her.
    I asked her about these reviews she simply smiles and says they are all fake.
    Trust me I found her very polite and cooperative in act.
    Will meet her again soon.
    Love You Baby.

  • Rating: 1 / 5by (5 other reviews)

    I fully agree with below 2 reviews. I have even asked how she managed to get 25 plus reviews in less than 5 months, which is difficult, even for an experienced escort. This is a fairly new profile. All reviews are from first timers, which means her agent creates new user profiles to post each review. The last 2 reviews fully exposed her fake image and false reviews.

    Hi Agent HappyGoLucky,
    we all know that you are an agent and want to eat girls hard earned money as commission. Stop this bullshit and do something better in life.

    1. You messaged and troubled me already with your dirty offers. When I ignored you, now you are into this cheap fake reviews. Bloody scoundrel get a life. I have all the proofs of our your chat and offers. Anyone can DM me and I can share your cheap offers.

    2. You had put similar fake and bad review for independent escort. She literally screwed you in reply. She provided all facts how you contacted her for commission. She also has all proofs.
    Then MR deleted the review.

    3. You also have habit on jumping in between. See you jumped between Escort and order reviewers. But Escort also knows you are agent. Hence she never replied or acknowledge your review 🤣🤣

    4. My communication with SigmaFucker is between us. We will handle it. We don’t need agent like you. At least I have met him. He praised my beauty, hygiene, cleanliness and all.

    5. You have never met me. So please don’t try to act smart. Don’t dare to put reviews without meeting me.
    All know this is fake review.

    6. I am not new here. My old ID with same name had more than 40 positive reviews. My old ID I had deleted. In my new ID, my old client have reviewed again. Hence it looks 25 reviews in short time. And agents like you are jealous of me.

    7. Even if I got average review, the reviewer had always praised my beauty, my dressing, my figure. Everyone agrees I am independent girl. So no question of any agent putting review for me. You poor dump. Have common sense.

  • Rating: 4 / 5by (14 other reviews)

    This is not the right platform.
    I just shared my OVERALL experience with you.
    What I felt good abt u I mentioned it to be good nd what I disliked abt the experience I mentioned as a dislike.
    Let me clear your doubts .
    That ak74..is not my ID.
    I do have another ID but that I created that only based on your request of putting another review (fake)abt you.
    Anyways nothing in life is for free so why would I ask for free sex.
    You do have a very good social media marketing expert to handle your account.
    All the best for your work dear.
    Please keep that bitch wala Karma dialogue to yourself nd no use cursing.
    Nd Learn to take feedback as a constructive criticism so that if you feel there is a need to improve ur services further you can think about it.
    Life is not always about goodie goodie

    Dear, I take compliments as well as criticism very positively.
    Good that now you know what to share on which platform.
    I need to provide the full facts to MR users.
    Thanks for feedback and God Bless.

  • Rating: 1 / 5by (14 other reviews)

    This is my fifth attempt in posting this.
    True it is difficult to express truth nd honesty.

    I fully support what our friend - ak472015 has expressed in this open forum.
    As u can see my previous review abt Tanya Arora I was the first to review her.
    I have met her 2 times but never reviewed.
    The last time I met her was on Feb 2021.
    Looks wise she is pretty, hygiene good, dressing sense good. Boobs are okay. Cute ass. Soft delicate tight pussy.
    But the attitude is bad. She is a typical Scorpion female very hot headed.
    BJ was always namesake , sex is too too mechanical.
    She absolutely hates to be ploughed long nd always pushes you for faster orgasm.
    I am not talking hard nd deep.
    She is very money minded but not a cheat.
    One will always find her pussy dry coz she herself admitted that she doesn't like to orgasm.
    No matter how much u eat her pussy she will never be wet coz she inhibits the process.
    She doesn't allow deep kiss or a lengthy smooch.
    The previous review I was requested n number of times to be put so that she gets highlighted.
    Most of the times reviews weren't posted only.
    She told that if I posted a nice review she will offer concession during meet.
    But forget about concession she has blocked me.
    I am very sure that she would be asking similar favor from each one of us.
    So most of the reviews are fake (like previous of mine).

    Just to bring the reality.
    True nature can't be hidden for very long.

    Like one proverb
    We do not learn from experience
    We learn from reflecting on experience

    Thank you for showing your level. Just because I blocked you, you went this low. Shame on you. Honesty is not the word that an animal like you should use. But you agreed that I blocked you and hence you have put this review. Ohhh poor guy 🤣🤣

    I am getting the complete wicked game you and your fake ID Ak472015 are trying to play here.
    Let me put the facts for all the MR users and escorts to know about you and your cheap tactics.

    1. We had met not twice but more than 6 times. You were so crazy for me. You always praised my beauty and wanted to meet again and again.

    2. We had also met outside casually like at McDonalds.

    3. You also gifted me Titan watch on my birthday.

    4. But then you started to show your true Color.

    5. Forget discount, you wanted free sex and started pressurise me. You made me so frustrated that I was forced to block you.

    6. You praised my beauty, hygiene, figure, assets. Fine. Dear, Who ever has met me knows all about this and cant deny this.

    7. Dear your negative review doesn’t matter to me. As you know already, I meet select people and that too not regularly. So chill. Your negative review is nothing for me.

    8. You yourself agree that you put fake reviews 🤣🤣

    9. My service- be it kissing, foreplay, BJ, sex, involvement, orgasm is well known to my clients and my reviews speak all.

    10. And dear, its a customer service etiquette to ask if they are happy or satisfied or even not, they can let me know via review. It helps one to improve service. Its well known in any service industry be it hotels, mobile like iPhone or any industry including escort. But you are so dumb to understand this.

    11. Hence, I never ask for favourable or fake reviews.

    12. You are right true nature cant be hidden. Your nature is know to all by now.

    13. Lastly, your plan with fake negative review will not work here. I am enjoying my work and I will get good work.

    Karma is bitch, your bad deed will hit you back in your personal life. You see it.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Nothing much to say; just beautiful, beautiful and beautiful 😍😍

    Thank you soo much honey ❤️❤️

  • Rating: 3 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    I contacted Tanya based on the previous reviews. She was prompt in communication and arrived at my hotel on time. She is quite hygienic and you can be comfortable with her. Here my review differs from the rest who went before me. Either because of my expectations based on previous reviews or because of my prior experiences I can tell you her skill was pretty average. She promised a rocking bj which wouldn’t come in the top 10 I’ve had. The sex was quite perfunctory and nothing mind blowing as described. She is a pretty average girl with a good figure. Dressing was average. Overall I would give her a 4/10 for skill, 5/10 for looks and 6/10 for behavior. I felt short changed for the money spent and it’s unlikely I will meet her again. I wish her all the best and I hope the rest of you a better variety in life so you know what you are actually missing.

    Hi ak472015, thanks for the review but have we really met? Have you seen me, met me and taken service from me? It’s unlikely but if still yes, humble request ping me on WhatApp where we met or you can inform on this forum too.

    Okay to answer the review:
    1. Thanks for appreciating my prompt communication, punctuality, hygiene and comfort level.

    2. I am unsure which expectation u had before meeting me.

    3. My BJ skills are always appreciated. I personally like and enjoy BJ. So, it’s rocking I still say.

    4. My involvement in sex is from heart and response fairly depends on the performing partner.

    5. My looks and dressing sense, you can’t comment dear. Who ever had met me, will agree I am one of the most beautiful girl here. That’s why I asked have you seen me, met me , really?

    6. One can have different opinions on service but looks and figure, I am proud to say, I am one of the best.

    7. Please don’t say dear that I short charged for the money spent. I give my 💯 in everything I do. I am genuine and pricing is kept reasonable.

    8. And please MR users decide the variety and spice of life. My other reviews speak about me well.

    9. And if you already know so much variety and options, why you selected me? Becoz you know, I am the BEST.

    10. Wish you the best but me too would not like to meet a person like you who gives review without even meeting someone. A fake review?

    Thanks again. I too wish you best.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Tanya is amazing girl…soft skin, beautiful face and sexy figure. And hot in bed. She does everything with full heart. Hee kissing is warm and long while her session is slow and relaxing. You would want to go longer. Sure 5 star and recommend to MR.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I have not met such honest n beautiful girl on MR. She is too sweet n cute and very hot in bed. She is very punctual n was dot on time.We met in Andheri.I msg her to send pic n she replied just trust me and guys she is amazingly beautiful n hot. Not at all a clock watcher. Highly recommended.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Guys, Aakhe milna aur baas… dewana hogaya…aakho mi khogaya. That’s what happened to me.
    When u love soul over body and eyes over anything. I am that eyes kind of person.

    Tanya has the most sparkling and sexy eyes.. ekdum nashili aakhe. I am crazy about them. Very deep, expressive and talkative eyes.

    Meeting Tanya was the best decision. I enjoyed her company and everything was superb. Head to toe..she is clean and beautiful. But, those pair of eyes, aaah waa.

    Will keep meeting her. Thanks Tanya.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I met Tanya 2 days ago. Here my experience. It was easy to select her as the profile looks so positive and promising. There are already many good reviews. Still, I would like to put my experience.

    We met at a 5 star property near airport for full night. She was damn on the decided time. The first look itself was a killer. A model with fair, glowing skin and long black hair. Beautiful figure and perfect curves. I think the pics posted here dont justify her real beauty. She greeted with me warm smile and hug. I noticed a wonderful perfume she had put on. It was mild and sweet. The fragrance lasted throughout our meeting and still fresh on my mind.

    We got talking and quickly connected. It never felt a professional appointment. It was very friendly. She is educated, good manners and nice communication skills. She asked about by likes and favourites. She fulfilled all with smile and love. There was no hesitation or compromise on safe services. Tanya is really very open minded.

    Not going into the details of our experience on bed. She is awesome in every aspect at what she does and does with whole heart.
    To be honest, I am womaniser and over the years, I have met many good and beautiful ladies from different platforms and agencies. But, Tanya stands out. That's the reason I thought to take out Sunday time and write a review.

    Also, I would like to mention about her dressing sense and the way she carries herself. She is very fashionable and perfect escort you want. Just treat her well and you will get back lots of love and pleasure in return.  

    @Tanya, Thanks a lot for everything babes. It was most memorable night spent I am not fit, smart, fashionable and jolly nlike you. Still, hope you liked my company and our first meeting. I wish to meet again if you dont mind. See you soon.

    Ohh honey made my day 😘😘

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Best Escort!
    Sexy yet sober, hot yet humble. I met Tanya 3 days ago. Sweet nature and amazing service. There are already many nice reviews. What all I can say - dont miss her. Most recommended.

    Thank you 🌹🌹

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    She is like angel fall from heaven.
    Hundred Percent Independent.
    Talk very nicely with positive attitude.
    Her assets are perfect.
    Body is in shape .
    I gurantee you will enjoy her company.
    Love you my girl❤️❤️❤️

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Hi, met this beautiful girl some days ago. She is beautiful, amazing figure, friendly and open minded. We spend relaxed time as she was not in hurry. I would love to meet her again soon. 5 stars without doubt. Thank you.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I meet Tanya today, She is a lovely young, pretty girl, her BJ is so exciting, sexy attractive body curves, also polite and smiley as well.
    She has very beautiful black eyes is like almost you get lost in them. She has a loving personality, sense of humor and very exotic sexy looks!
    Will always take services from her only 💋💋💋 Love you darling ❤️.
    10 out 10 baby❤️.

    See you soon again, My dearest Baby

    Highly recommended

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Met her yesterday. She is so beautiful and dam sexy.
    Her figure is perfect.
    She smell very good.
    Her skill is amazing.
    She is best of best on Massage Republic.
    Thanks Tanya for meeting on short notice.
    Soon we will be meeting again

    See u soon honey 😘😘

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    She is very sexy and hot girl i ever meet on this platform.
    my dreams come true when i saw her, she so beautiful and fashionable.
    she smell good, she is fair and very clean girl.
    Her only motive is to send you home satisfied, she enjoys pampering you, very intimate and very warm.
    She is so relaxing and pleasurable.
    I will definitely meet her again.

    Thank you ❤️❤️

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Hi Guys, It was mesmerising meeting Tanya. Beautiful, independent and genuine girl as I was looking for. Her dressing and appearance will hit you in first look. She is very polite and great in service. Ready for anything that is safe. We had amazing 2 sessions. Best time spent. Must recommended to MR community. 5 stars without hesitation.

    Thank you soo much honey ❤️❤️

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I met this sexy beauty Yesterday. Her figure are amazing. she is fair, tall and very hygiene.
    She is Truly Independent and you can trust her blindly.
    Her dressing sense is amazing. I Love how she dress up and compliment everything about her.
    Thank you for a memorable date.
    Hope to see you soon honey.

    I am glad you like me and my dressing Style
    Thank You See u soon ❤️❤️

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (16 other reviews)

    Met Tanya some days ago. She is genuine, beautiful, clean, very hygienic and awesome in bed. She is open minded and no timewasters. Beautiful experience with her. Will repeat for sure. Thanks babe.

    Thank you dear,
    You are also very sweet, humble person and know how to treat a woman. Will definately see you soon.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Met her this weekend, she looks really cute and turns hot really soon on bed. She takes care of herself really well looks, styles and wears stylishly and also very hygienic and satisfies you fully.
    See you soon babe.

    Thank you baby for having me at your place, it was really fun time i spent with you Keep calling me honey 😘😘

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Wow wow wow.. my gorgeous Tanya.
    She is One of Truly Independent girl in Mumbai.
    I meet lovely Tanya multiple times.
    This time meeting was for long hours.
    We meet in hotel at Suburban, as soon as she entered in the room we started kissing and then followed by a good BJ and then we tried many positions.
    Her body is in perfect shape.
    She was so energetic can't forget her performance in bed.
    Treat her with respect and she will show you heaven on earth.
    She is very clean and hygiene.
    Thank You Tanya for lovely and Amazing experience.

    It's my pleasure to satisfy ur desire Thanks a lot for your lovely words ❤️❤️

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I must say she is best of all available independent girls on MR.
    She is fair and soft skin and look like a model.
    One line for you darling
    "Main shaayar to nahin magar i haseen jab se dekha maine tujko mujko shaayari aa gayi".
    Soon I am coming to Mumbai again to meet you .

    Thank You for your kind words Waiting for you to come to Mumbai ❤️

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    She is best girl on this forum,
    One of cutest girl I ever meet.
    her body smell is just so fresh i can smell it in my mind.
    So sensible and humble.
    Highly commanded.

    Thank for understanding and making love You are a really gentelman and humble too Thanks for review me here ❤️

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    She is quite frankly most underrated girl on MR and the best one on the platform. She looks and dresses as any beautiful model. Talks really well and never feels like this is a transaction but an experience of conversation and erotic pleasures.
    Will surely meet her again. See you love.

    Thank love for hosting me so wonderfully Time spent with you was memorable for me as well and thank you for posting such a wonderful review Will meet you soon baby ❤️

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Its always fun meeting tanya who has become a good friend. Really love spending time with her and she is really cool girl. One of the best on MR by far. You will not regret spending time with her, she is really worth it.

    I love spending time with you too Will see you soon love ❤️❤️

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    It takes time and luck to find the right person on MR but I was lucky to have met Tanya. She is seriously underrated here. I had the time of my life with Tanya, very classy and hot and perfect girlfriend experience. She likes to have fun with the person she is meeting and not just a mechanical transaction. I will be meeting her frequently now. Lots of love babe ❤️❤️

    Thank you my love ❤️❤️

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Her photos don’t justify her beauty, perfect combination of cute and extremely hot. She is absolutely mesmerising when she comes in front of you for the first time.
    And when it comes to the action, she is the devil in the bed, absolutely amazing experience it was.

    Thank you soo much my love ❤️

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Tanya is amazing escort. A perfect GFE. I was eyeing her for long time but I had not contacted her. Then her profile was deleted and she has this new profile. So, contacted her via MR question section and WA. On WA I got quick and positive answers. We met in Andheri in hotel between Anderi and Goregaon that she suggested. Tanya assured me about this place. We met outside hotel first. Surprisingly it was great place. Okay, about Tanya - she was dressed very stylished. I was impressed by first look. she is young (25), fair, beautiful, nice lips, long black hair, great figure, medium bust but firm, butt is the best body part. Nice long legs. And down below is clean and tight. She is very hygienic. She is very friendly and connects immediately. Before session, we took shower. She did very slow and lovely session. After 1st session, we talked in different topics but got connected well. The 2nd session was more beautiful. She asked my fantacy and fulfilled it. What else a man wants? I am hooked and will meet her again soon. I found my dream girl in Tanya. Hope this review helps you find your dream girl. Most recommended. Enjoy!

    Thank you babe See you soon ❤️

  • Rating: 4 / 5by

    I meet her in Malad Mumbai 2 days ago.
    She provided excellent service. Very pretty face and very friendly.
    I can still feel the fragrance of her, being with her was an experience that I will cherish forever.
    If I can give her rating-
    Kisses: Super Hot
    Looks: 10/10
    Figure: 10/10
    Hygiene: 10/10
    BJ: 10/10
    A perfect companion.
    I will meet you soon ..

    Thank you for the compliment
    See you again 💋💋💋

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (14 other reviews)

    I met her 2 days ago for a short duration.
    She was on time at the mentioned location.

    She carries a cheerful nature hence we jelled instantly.
    Exceptionally beautiful like a model.
    Her cute smile made me instantly realise that the moment would be best.
    Very clean nd very cooperative.
    Warm kisser.
    Not going into details whatever she did , she did it with full passion nd we were totally lost into it.

    Overall a nice experience.
    Would definitely recommend nd meet her for longer duration next time.

    Thank you ❤️❤️


  • On 1 St December ??

    by orange007 – 24 Nov 2022


  • Hi Beautiful,
    Are u available this weekend evening?

    by mihirhunter – 12 Nov 2022

    Hi, Yes I am available please whatsApp me.

  • Longer duration and full night charges you have not mentioned?

    by S_Kumar – 9 Nov 2022

    Message me on WhatsApp dear
    Will let u know all in detail.

  • Tried a lot to contact you last week. When can we meet in November 1st week ?

    by orange007 – 14 Oct 2022

    WhatsApp me.

  • Tonight ur free

    by nikipurackkal – 18 Sep 2022


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