Important - Not available from 5th Dec 2019 to 10 Dec 2019

I never take ADVANCE.. I PREFER first meeting in HOTEL ONLY near to DWARKA OR AEROCITY OR MAHIPALPUR.. Or SOUTH DELHI OR CP.. . I just require hotel booking confirmation for the same... And once I get hotel booking confirmation for the same dear.. Then before meeting I call u.. And then on decided date and time u pick me from metro and we check in hotel together... IF I'M NOT THE SAME GAL I SHARE MY PIC OR THE PIC U SEE IN MY ADVERTISEMENT THEN I GIVE U FREE SERVICE.. SO ALL THE PIC U SEE OF ME IS OF ME ONLY...


I believe in complete tranaprent and satisfaction service.. As you meeting to relax yourself and that's what I foucss on to keep you entertain and satisfied..

Please note something -
1) First I never take advance...
2) Neither I smoke nor drink, breezer I can but only in higher package...
3) Please don't smoke if u want to have good kiss and smooch from me.. Smoking makes me uncomfrtable... And I couldn't not kiss then.. So please don't smoke and if u do then please have some chocolate and freshener so I could smooch u properly.
4) you can lick me.. Just in a good way.. Which does not make me uncomfortable...
5) I don't do anal and neither cim no matter even u pay me lakh.. No means no.. And neither shot without condom... So don't waste ur time and my time if u seeking one...
6) I can never meet for night.. Only from morning 10 to 8 pm I can meet...
7) I don't negotiate no matter u meet for first time or 50 th time.. I never negotiate with my package and compromise with my service too.. I give service as my package..
8) I share three pic of me, for u to decide if u like me or not... No Video cal and all
9) Neither I provide video call service or phone sex or sex chat.. So no payment for same.. As many people approach me for this.. And I block them straight.
10) I work alone.. And solo.. No other female
11) sometimes I reply late.. As i too have family and personal life.. Please be patience..
12) I don't meet people below the age of 25 as I feel embarrassed with them during check in, as it look awkward..

My package are -

Now introducing best package as requested by most people - - BLOW JOB only package

A most people I met, only love bj I know.. And I'm best in it.. But that's not easy job.. Trust me.. This is most difficult and interesting part too.. It require too hard work and time and pampering from my side... It is double the work and pampering from me-

1) Honeymoon Bronze bj - 8 k
one bj without condom but no discharge in mouth 5 to 15 min bj... But I'm serious about not discharge in mouth so better don't even dream I will do that... With one shot -
Duration one hour - total fun smooch and all love making with one blowjob without condom and one handjob..
In short you get one blowjob without condom and one shot.. Time duration - 1 hour.

1 a) Honeymoon Bronze Bj plus - 11 k -

Two blowjob without condom, with one shot and duration one hour, included all smooch, love making and one shot with two blowjob..
In short two bj without condom and one shot with time duration of 2 hours.

Now package for people who enjoy more fun with shot and less bj.

1)Bronze packages ( one hour) - 6 k
This package is for beginners or person who lack time, but wanna utilise little time to get relaxed.
Service included in this package is -
Quick massage, with one hand job.. And love making session with one shot..
Please not - ( I don't give blow job or shower bath in these session)
In short - one shot with one hand job and massage.. Total duration - 1 hour

1A) bronze pack with shower - 7 k
Everything same as bronze pack just added shower together..

2) Silver package ( Couple of hours) - 10 k,
Service included in this - Grooming of public hair (equipment you need to carry) - a relaxing one hour massage with hand or mouth ending(blow job with condom) , massage throughly through lingam and ass too.. And after massage, love making on bed or couch, choice is yours..
Its for those people who want to relax but short with time..
Remember I never rush and always give proper time as per my package.
Duration - 2 hours, with two shot and one bj with condom.. Love making and all included..

3) Gold package (3 to 4 hour) - 13 k
You don't need to be millionaire to live like a millionaire.
For those gentleman, who wants to get spoiled completely, who wants to get grommed throughly and even relax..
I would surely shave all your public hair ( equipment you need to carry) and give you a bath and shower together and get you hygienic..
Massage of 1 hour or more depend how relaxed you wish to be..
Love making and a bottle of wine if you wish to..
Three shot.. So i guess its your day..
With one blow job without condom ( guess it makes your day, but not Cim..)

In short - 3 short, with massage and one blow job without condom... Shower too.. Complete passionate love making
Duration - 3 to 4 hour

4) diamond package.. (7 to 8) hours - 20 k
Diamond are always a gals favorite so is my...
This pack is for the people, who wants to get totally spoiled, relaxed and believes in no limit of making love.
Gold pack with n number of shot..
Gift me whatever you wish me to wear..
,gift me high heels I would show my heels print on your body...
A complete romantic or hardcore, whatever you wish to choose from... And yes 2 hour or more massage too included..
In short - no limit on shot and max two bj without condom and massage and shower and love making..
Time duration - 7 to 8 hour

4 A) Mini dimaond - 16 k
Everything same as dimaond just time of 5 to 5.30 hours. Max one one bj without condom...

Honey with a moon Silver BJ - 15 k -

Two bj without condom no discharge in mouth, each bj from 5 to 15 min, plus two shot..
Duration 2 to 2.5 hours - total fun everything smooch love making and all with two bj without condom and two shot making it three shot..
In short - two bj without condom and two shot.. Time duration 2 to 2.5 hours..

3) Honey all urs Gold bj - 20 k
Four bj without condom, no discharge in mouth, each bj from 5 to 15 min plus two shot ....

Duration 3.5 hour to 4.5 hours - total love making, smooch and all with four bj without condom and two shot making it 6 shot in total.

Love u all

Outcalls per hour from
₹6,000 (US$ 84)
Deep throatFingeringFrench kissingGFEMassageOral sex - blowjobOWO - Oral without condomReverse oralRole play
English (Fluent)
Hindi (Fluent)
Punjabi (Fluent)
168 cm / 5′6″
Hair color
New Delhi


  • Rating: 5 / 5by saby – 24 Nov 2019

    Disha is a genuine and kind-hearted person. Very down to earth and full-fills all your wishes as per the packages. Before the meeting while chatting, she asked me about my age and all other details to which I had clearly mentioned after which she decided to meet. I took the Diamond package and totally enjoyed the time spent with her. Her blowjob skills are fabulous. I am definitely meeting her once again on my next visit to Delhi. And Dear, this time too will go with DIAMOND PACKAGE.
    For guys who want to take her service, Disha is a very creative person. Just treat her like a gentleman and she will definitely give you her best for sure. This is my personal experience.


  • Rating: 5 / 5by Umair_1 – 22 Nov 2019

    She is a sweetheart never take a meeting but spend a little time while conversation with her i lost in her eye she clear everything pls don't post fake comment on her profile hope u remember me easily😍😍😍😍

  • Rating: 1 / 5by a deleted account – 21 Nov 2019

    all her pics are real and true. However shes in a hurry to let you come, no gfe or deep french kisssing, no oral. She also doesn't do what she mentioned in her profile.

    Honey, atleast don't use ur fake name or ID to write review... I always appreciate review weather positive or negative but atleast, with ur real Id and and real story.. Why to tell half truth.. Please give the complete story of our meeting.. Chalo sweetie let me complete the story of our meeting. And if u want with fact I too can show that..
    First honey, you said all my pic are real and true... Thank you... For the truth and trying to prove the fact we met. And showing it authentic...
    But what u said before meeting that u 30 year old, as normally I always start my conversation with person age and for which I have even mentioned in my Ad.
    And the pic u shared also was fake.. And when we meet you were looking hardly 22 year old and I deny going to hotel with u and deny to give u any service neither I took any payment from u ( to which also u didn't mentioned anything in ur review about payment and neither u said I cheated you or fool you.. This prove how genuine I'm.. ).
    Now let's come to another point of urs, No gfe, or deep French kissing no oral and I also didn't do what's mentioned in my profile.. ( neither u mentioned what packages we meet for this proved u didn't take any service from me)
    First of all honey, I never meet anyone as per my profile but as per my package and everyone knows this whenever I meet and I give service and time as per my package itself.. And u too talked about gold package before meeting ... But as i mentioned above I deny service to u and without any money transaction between us I left after I tried to convince you the reason I don't meet young guys and guys who waste their father money.. So politely honey I tried my best to make you understand not to waste ur father money on these thing and come back after u start earning on ur own and when u grow up... But Ego of urs, spoiled kid.. Anyway now I guess u have given ur review trying tarnish my image ur ego would be satisfied.. So sweetie now try to move on in ur life instead of messaging me or calling with different number in midnight after drinking and please don't share my number in different WhatsApp group.. With dirty comment.. And asking them to keep bothering me.. Its true it waste my time alot blocking them.. But trust me at the end of day I sleep peacefully because I'm what I'm.. And I never did wrong with anyone... I'm too human at the end of day.. Sometime it can happen I could not give deep French kiss. It's true somewhere, as sometime client rush and sometime due to someone smoking I don't feel comfortable..... But no oral and no time I give.. I always leave when client ask me it's over or when packages time is over.. This is lie.. I feel sad due to some fake rich spoiled rich spoiled kids whom I deny service is raising fingure on me..
    I have meet many many people and they keep repeating me due to which I have busy schedule due to which many people complain on WhatsApp and on this site also I don't reply on time.. Because I never rush to anyone.. And give all attention to client when I'm with him.. And rest time with family..
    So I guess I have given the complete story of our meeting... And remember one thing i have met many people still no many reviews because I never ask anyone to give reviews.. As i dont want to publicity my work.. But I can show many comment those people give me after meeting on WhatsApp and how happy they... With me and when they repeat me.. It make me feel happy... If u cannot appreciate me for my good work atleast don't spread lie... Still honey I pray for u and hope u do best in life.. Have fun and lots of love..

    First you mentioned

  • Rating: 1 / 5by ambitionlogic (3 other reviews) – 15 Sep 2019

    I asked her if she can come the 5 star hotel, I'm staying in. She said yes. We fixed time. The package and everything. But she didn't show up.
    But she didn't took any money also. But I am quite disappointed.
    For record, i showed her any proof she asked for.
    Very poor service. All words no action.

    Sorry to disappoint you.. But It's clearly mention in my ad, where all I can travel down.. U said u staying in hyaat, so I thought must be Delhi hyaat. But when I called u for meeting u said its in gurgoan.. And I clearly don't travel down to gurgoan that too very far, so deny travelling.. Even though u were interested in diamond package of my.. Of 20 k, still I deny so u can understand its not the money.. Its about me being comfortable and travelling to where I can.. I'm not a professional lady like others who can travel or do anything for money... And I got family of own and I accept you to respet me for the same. Had u been in dwarka or aerocity sure u would have meet u.. So question of service don't come here.. Until one meet.. And I only commit what I can do. Or where I can meet. I never committed gurgoan.. So no question of all only words.. And you urself agree I didn't took any money.. This show my honesty and transparency.. I appreciate your time to write a review sweetie.. Would surely meet if u ever visit dwarka or aerocity...


  • Hello Ms. Disha, Happened to read the Terms & conditions, Just a clarification. Do you allow kissing, licking, sucking of vagina/pussy with tongue? I maintain good oral hygenie and do gargle with Listerine or Betadine Gargle Oral Mouth wash

    by boystud23 – 17 Jan 2020

    Greeting!!! I guess I did mentioned.. Without kiss how can one even make love or enjoy the session.. Yes I do kissing and allow licking in a good term and way.. Not like animal.. Till the things is in sober way and love making.. I don't mind.. I don't and neither allow anything which is cruel or unnatural or abusive or forcelly.. I hope I have clear the point.. I don't kiss if someone smoke in front.. I cannot bear the smell of smoke.. I have mentioned the same in my ad.. Hope I clear the point beside u can WhatsApp me to ask it even...

  • Hello. Mam I want meet u in Delhi. Will you be my mistress and dress me in bra panty and spank me and fuck me with strapon.??

    by abhinavgoel1022 (8 other questions) – 30 Dec 2019

    Are u uneducated? Or really sick? Is anywhere in my ad mentioned I do bdms or anything similar to it? Why God why? It takes less time reading my ad then unziping your pant... Please be a gentleman and if not atleast try to act like one... Sorry honey for being rude, the reason I rude is because u asking it openly without reading it...

  • Any plans to visit Bangalore

    by oaadigo (12 other questions) – 29 Dec 2019

    No sorry.. I don't travel for work.. Work only in Delhi.. Outstation only with family..

  • Need a Full diamond pack in February can u guide me for a hotel booking i have never tried escort services in any hotel

    by Sanju_the_deep_dive (2 other questions) – 27 Dec 2019

    Feb 2020 is far.. So i cannot conform the date for Feb2020 at present.. Cannot conform my availability at present for the same dear.. Hotel booking I prefer in dwarka or near by like aerocity.. And beside I too have mentioned my WhatsApp number, you can always WhatsApp me.. But please, I reply only whenever I see the message or get time, as I got too personal life and personal family.. And normal life as all the people does have.. I'm not much active in this work.. So apologies if I reply late but yes I will reply for sure whenever I see the message... And never ditch if I commit or meeting is conformed... Before booking hotel always conform my availability first.. Thanks and regards..

  • You do Sex without condom ?

     – 3 Nov 2019

    Nooo.. No matter what.. Beside I do have give my WhatsApp number.. U can ask me directly instead openly...

  • Mam why don't u reply ever

    by Umair_1 (2 other questions) – 27 Sep 2019

    For 4 days I couldn't reply, as I was in Dubai with family.. Hope u can understand, and same I did mention I got family too and personal life too.. Anyway now I'm back to Delhi.. U can text me on WhatsApp.. I'm active again.

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