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* Tantra therapist
* Yoga teacher
* Psychologist
* Bodyworker

A backgroud in neuroscience and clinical psychology. Last 5 year as a professional bodyworker and yoga therapist. Now giving sessions in tantra massage and teaching private sessions and group tantra retreats.

Change your life in terms of sexuality, energy and health, book a session now!

The session: Tantra Massage. Therapeutic Session with Milou.
This is a highly professional & intuitiuve session. The session is dedicated to meet the tensions of the body & energy field and to move from pain into a state of pleasure. Milou work with a lot of sensitivity and aim to hold space for a gradual process where the receiver have full opportunity to integrate each step in her personal sphere for longterm transformation.

What can you expect from a session?

As a first step of expanded capacity of breath & sound as an activation of the parasympathetic nervous system into a deeper presences and relaxation into the body.

Milou has a wide toolbox of bodywork & energy work as thaiyogamassage, lomi lomi, reiki, conscious sensuality, 5elements of touch, dearmoring and orgasmic healing.

As tensions are met and released we move into a space of transformation through grounding & feeling.
If the person is ready for it we use energy healing which is a type of energy-work where we move into a state of energy moving upwards in the body - which is possible for both men and women. This by support of a technique where we only touch the energy body and allow the receiver to breath, sound and move. Sexual energy has a great potential for healing as it recovers the whole system extremely efficiently. Through this technique you can experience out of body experience and full body orgasm.

Are you ready to move beyond your comfort zone to explore new parts of yourself? To break patterns of holding on and to free yourself into a fuller potential as an expanded orgasmic being?
Package are recommended.

Each session is unique and designed from the intention and current/longterm state of the receiver. This is a therapeutic session where you fully receive. If you have agendas for how or what you want to receive which are not inline with the knowledge, intuition and decision of the session giver, that you are not willing to let go of those this time spend in session, this is offering is not for you.

Session is preferably done nude with underwear/ sarong because use of oil.


How sexual is interview where @Milou describes what the session is about .. (in the web link)

Incalls per hour from
2 000 SEK (US$ 225)
MassageTantric massage
English (Good)
French (Good)
Spanish (Good)
Mixed White and Black African


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