Removal of reviews and menu of services for discrete woman in US, would MR ever consider this?

Started by Sophie_Winters


Would Massage Republic ever consider changing their site to bring in more girls who can no longer use BackPage since it was shut down a few days ago? I.E., the menue of services and the review options are two large barriers for many of us (in the US) as we choose not to buy into the review culture, nor do we want to use additional terms like menue of services due to legal repercussions and person taste.

We really need a new site to post our ads and are hoping you will consider our needs.

Most Respectfully,

New client


Hi @Sophie_Winters .

Thank you for getting in touch with us. I forwarded your suggestion to our IT team. However I'd like to inform you that each review is moderated very carefully and we have an accurate review moderation system. Also if you receive a review on our website and you think it is not fair, we will reopen and investigate the case. We can block a bad review if it is really unfair, especially if you have proof that you didn't see the client or that the client wasn't polite at all. We understand the industry and we know how some people behave. But if you receive multiple bad reviews from different clients we won't be able to block multiple bad reviews for logical reasons.

Regarding the industry being legal or illegal in your country. You can register as a Masseuse without tagging any additional services. We have this section for making search results easier for our users. Because a lot of our users search by services and they don't look page by page.

Finally, I'd like to let you know our crucial rules which upon violation can direct a new user to be blocked and banned on our website forever.

1) We don't allow listings with fake photos; if we have any doubt that a user used their own photos we can request photo verification.
2) We don't allow duplicate listings; a user cannot have two or more listings in one city on our website.
3) We don't allow fake questions or reviews; if a user creates a new account and asks him/herself questions we will block all his/hers accounts on our website.
4) We don't allow our users to get us involved in competition battles - we are here to help and to make our users lives as easier and as fair as possible and we are not the judges in arguments.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us through our contact form or here on our forum.

Have a nice weekend,