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  • 24 Sep
    New Male escort Luer
    Luer - Male escort in Taipei
    Luer - Male escort in Taipei
    im so very cheap 🥰 you can call me or chat.. im always available .. just try me and you will never regret it ❤️🥰
  • 16 Jul
    New Male escort Undermy Skin Touchmy Soul
    Undermy Skin Touchmy Soul - Male escort in Taipei
    ** PLEASURE OF FLESH IS REAL ** LOVE IS FANTASY ** Looking for people who want to relax in leisure time, and exchange opinions could also become friends. More details can be discussed in the conversation as well. L.I.N.E: sevilla FIVE SEVEN ONE EIGHT FIVE SIX ZERO EIGHT All welcome to chat first.
  • 24 Jun
    Tall Dark Handsome answered a question
    • Hi, I’m a young sissy, if I ask you to fuck me, would you tell others?

      I really want to find a black dad to fuck me, but I can’t be discovered by others

      by Lottie_2 – 24 Jun 2022

      All happening occur in private of course.

  • 29 Sep 2021
    New masseur MBY 神醫
    What you know about sexual energy between man&women? Maybe will not offer you sex services built only on passion ... I will offer you more than, few men\s know about this and maybe your husband or boyfriend will never be able to take care of your body as I can I am a yogi 療癒 massage therapist, living so far in the mountains of Taiwan where air makes my breath clear ... However is it my pleasure to go to meet you and provide you with the most spirit somatic massage session that you can feel in your life, could awaken an full spectrum orgasm not with the PENISS, but with my body energy and…
  • 28 Jan 2021
    Newest Baby Boy answered a question
    • Can we get ur snap chat?

      by qssqss – 28 Jan 2021

      WhatsApp me

  • 29 Dec 2020
    New Male escort Masarusan
    Masarusan - Male escort in Taipei
    hello! a straight JP man available here. im living in Tokyo, but i can travel abroad. i speak japanese and english(used to study in US for 4 years). my interests are music, fashion, movies, soccer, anime, and travel. we can go shopping, drinking at a club or bar, chilling at your place, or whatever makes us a couple. please tell me your ideal dates. im looking forward to hearing from you. btw, im only 170 cm tall, but ladies have enjoyed my junk in three languages(japanese, english, spanish) so far. you tell me what language is gona be the fourth one lol
  • 14 Dec 2020
    New Male escort Newest Baby Boy
    Your VIP 💎 and ONCE in a LIFETIME EXPERIENCE are here in DUBAI 🇦🇪 A Luxury TWINK who is well experienced looking to meet a GENEROUS & Respective man. 😎 I am Jacob Holland 20y/o, SMOOTH Twink, a Half Filipino-Mexican, a Model Artist, Businessman with a College degree Holder, Smart and Professional. -I am Brand Ambassador, Top of the Line Model Artist in the Philippines. I don’t need to say so much word to prove myself because ACTIONS speak LOUDER than WORDS, just like my SERVICES, coz I’m the KING of PLEASURE & you are my QUEEN in Bed, I am well mannered & classy, very kind…
  • 25 Jun 2020
    Have you ever craved for a connection that would leave you feeling fulfilled emotionally, spiritually, and physically? Do you want to know what it feels like to experience real Intimacy with a man? Hello my dear, I am Sam Gaines, a full-time Professional Companion for Women and Intimacy Coach. With me, you will be fully relaxed knowing I am committed to your best interest at heart. You are spending time with a completely sincere man who is emotionally giving. That is something I was born with. Whether I am giving you a massage, or travelling with you, or just spending a romantic evening…
  • 17 Jun 2020
    New Male companion Tall Dark Handsome
    Hello there, It's summer and summer is meant for fun. I'm here in Taiwan for your entertainment, fond of all things outdoors and even fonder of things behind closed doors. A fun fact about me, I'm a switch. Flip me either way depending on what kinda fun you like. But the best thing about me is that I am a gentleman in the streets but a freak in the s*eets.
  • 29 Feb 2020
    hello I am Kenjiro if youbare looking for an escort to show you a great time and great sex then I am your guy contact me now LINE: jlscrl wechat: knjr1998