Hi I’m Amber back in Dubai!

Stop dreaming of having a classy boy cause I’m already here to make your fantasy a reality.

I am a very discreet and sincere person who likes to listen and is very open-minded. Adventure is the spice of life and if Role Play is your thing I can certainly be creative to give you a wonderful encounter as I always deliver a high-end service.

I’m considerate, reliable and attentive and it would be my pleasure to accompany you on our date.


Available for in call and out call / dinner, movie or drink dates / boyfriend experience / sensual erotic massage / travel / shopping / overnight sessions / quick meet ups

NOTE: WhatsApp at least 1 hour for arranging meeting with me.

I AM VERSATILE and who can really CUM A LOT!

HIV ❌ Hepa B , C ❌ Syphilis ❌ ( clear and most recent test conducted thru licensed DHA clinic )

If you are looking for the perfect guy companion simply text me on my WhatsApp number provided on my profile.

Outcalls per hour from
2,000 AED (US$ 544)
English (Fluent)
Lesbian or Gay
172 cm / 5′8″
Other Mixed
Hair color
  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    We met in the lobby (he was right on time) and I accompanied him up to my hotel room. In the elevator, the only thing I was thinking was "are you kidding me? I have this guy all to myself for the night?" Summer, or fall all you have to do is call, and I'll be there to meet with Andy.

    As a straight, married man, I have not hired many escorts in the past, but Andy made me feel so comfortable and content, for the very first time, while being with a man. All my other man-on-man encounters I have felt so guilty & depressed afterwards, not this time; a true gift of a man Andy is. It is hard to explain. He just made me feel so happy, alive and significant as a person.

    He simply looked amazing...gorgeous face...nicely clean shaven, thick dark eyebrows, accented by his thick, Asian impeccable head of hair. So jealous! Most of all, he is very genuine and accommodating and put me at ease during our time together. I cannot wait till I come back to Dubai so I can try and meet with Andy again. Met him last January of this year.

    Before meeting, Andy asked me if I saw anything in his photos that I wanted him to wear for our night. I told him Blue on a dark-featured man was my favorite, then left it up to him. When he stood above me, on the bed, he slipped off his jeans exposing sexy black briefs. As I looked up at him, I could not help myself, this is all I will say.

    After a while, looking up at his manliness, he slowly pulled down his briefs, exposing that OSCAR-winning tush...and a perfectly beautiful love tool. He is definitely one of the hottest men I have ever met, the hottest I have ever been with. I felt so alive being with Andy and weeks later, still feel energized and happy to have been with Andy. I visit his profile a few times a week to admire his photos and videos longing for our next rendezvous.

    Andy must be commended, he spends a lot of time on his body and I truly respect the discipline and respect he has for his incredible body...and attitude. I cannot wait to meet him again.


    You are a very passionate guy and you deserved me that time. I appreciate your honest review about our late encounter last january of this year still I can’t believe it. Remembering each moment we are together. Now I have something to look forward once you’re back here in Dubai. Just beep me back on my whatsApp and you will have me wherever you are!

    Thanks babe 🤟🏻🤟🏻

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Where do I even begin to talk about the marvelous and magical Andy? It was 5 months ago, Your $$$ daddy! I hope you still remember me as I had to give you my thoughts about a very memorable experience with you there in AD.

    To start with, I was intrigued as well as impressed by your profile largely because it was not as pedestrian as many of the other male escort profiles I had viewed. I have had a very negative experience with an Escort that I didn’t want repeated, so I approached this venture with even more caution than I had previously. Luckily I ended up picking you THE BEST GUY — A perfect young guy I wanted to meet from that website! After my recent encounter with Andy last December of 2019, I just had really want to write thank you for making my annual trip to hire a Massage Republic Male Escort more amazing than it has ever been.

    As a well-known entrepreneur, I regularly circulate in prestigious circles from Sweden, to Germany, to Italy, to Dubai, to Abu Dhabi. Despite all of my success and the glitzy lifestyle I get to lead, the bottom line is, I have been very lonely. Work consumes me and I seem to be traveling all of the time. The men I interact with in the entrepreneurship world are mostly older and not really my type. Hence my main companions have been my two cats I come home to during my limited time at home. My pilgrimage to Abu Dhabi is my annual escape to relax, unwind and have a bit of fun.

    I have longed to have someone accompany me on my trip, but just didn’t have any suitable candidates, until late last year... I’m glad of all the time I’ve spent checking to the website it was worth it! and lead me to arrange you for a night to be my male companion!
    When I Googled massagerepublic.com as I sat in bed with my glass of whiskey, I knew I was on the right track. The website had brought me to your page, hot and bothered for the rest of the night! From my first phone conversation with you, I knew I was dealing with something different. Your sweet and sexy voice captured me from the start and reeled me in. You listened carefully to what I needed and were so awesome helping me realize to choose you! The perfect guy needed for the job. I had no qualms about having you at my place, because I knew that you would fit in perfectly. He brings a whole new meaning to the terms manly desires and guilty pleasures.

    His young gentle and sexy body is like heaven in me whenever he touches my skin and his hazel dark eyes are like two pools you wish you could drown in. He is rugged and wordly, yet has an aura of calm and refinement, much like some of the art I deal with. Everything on your page description is spot on in describing your best qualities, but nothing could prepare me for the inexplicable divinity of Andy in person. One look at him upon opening the door, and I was totally smitten. He was dressed impeccably in slim denim classic pants and a brown clean pullover shirt matching it up with brown leather ankle boots. Like what I expected for such VIP!!

    My attraction only increased when I inhaled an intoxicating fusion of black amber with a touch of Arabic scent, Asian mandarin and patchouli. My God, he looked and smelled like world of fantsay! heaven! I could barely utter a sound. He was so sweet to give me hug and a kiss on my cheek. I just knew right then that I was in for the boyfriend experience of a lifetime not just a paid guy for escorting. We got to know each other over whiskey as we looked out across the scenic view of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque of the AD strip. My skin tingled every time he caressed my hand and I felt like I was on fire (in a good way).

    He is well versed upon many subjects and his English is superb so quite frankly he is fantastic company and yes of course he is incredibly beautiful, handsome and amazingly sexy ass. As I watched him, I couldn’t help but notice the strength of his thighs and the leanness of his abdomen, obvious signs of his practice of having a healthy lifestyle needed for the his career. His skin was naturally smooth and toned. At that moment, it was as if something that had long been dead inside of me suddenly came to life. I was so enthralled, I completely forgot about dinner until Andy suggested to order and ask for the room service. My stomach was fluttering with such butterflies that I didn’t think there was any room for a meal. Andy’s easygoing manner and wit had me calm in no time. He was simply the best young male escort I could ever possibly dream of. By the time we’re done eating dinner, it was as though we had known each other forever. The rest of the evening was nothing less than superb.

    His massage skills are better than any I have paid for at high priced spas, and this sexy asian adonis of a male specimen worked magic on me. I consider it as one of the greatest joys in my life to immerse myself into exquisite moments of sensual delight. Thus, I felt so fortunate to find you Andy: the perfect playmate joining me in my pleasure travel. He ticked every box imaginable; manners: impeccable, himself wonderfully caring and beyond belief gorgeous!! Sweet, easy-going and erotically talented! I could go on forever! (and so could he;)

    I remember when I was licking his dick, he was responding with his whole body. I liked he was gentle at one time and then full of passion and hardness. His cock was like a rock. Gently, he kissed me from lips down to my legs and all I can feel is pleasure. Then slowly he started making me crazy by licking my nipples, my ears, my tummy, my crotch, my ass even my fingers — never realize I would be his king that he wants to adore and there his manhood enter my sleeping arse hole, repeatedly banging it like his hungry for it. I did the same thing to him and we both enjoyed the time making love. It was amazing night. I even tried to wake him up late night past 3:00 a.m. and he didn’t stop me instead he let me play with his dick until turning myself back horny again because of him.
    Honestly you can only say that he is real deal if you will have Andy sleeping right next to you naked. Swear you can’t resist. Thank you for changing my life. Work will no longer dominate my world, and I will surely be enjoying the benefits of your company again. Real soon.

    Lastly, Thank you for our pictures Andy, I will treasure them. Your gorgeous smooth and sexy body. Perky bottom! Succulent dick and soft velvety lips shall always be on my mind. A Perfect 3 day vacation. Perfect company. Time well spent. Thank you so much, see you soon.

    (5/5 a very satisfied client)

    Appreciate your honest review babe. I deleted my recent account still you manage to leave me good remark. I hope to see you very soon. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I found Andy's profile back in April. I tend to book last minute but he wasn't available right away and I was heading out of town on a very tight busy work schedule that night.

    He was super professional and told me to hit him up when I was back.

    Weeks later I was home and in need of fun. He was on his way back to Dubai but was eager to book that evening. I decided to wait and made plans for later.

    I had checked him out in the Dubai Massage Republic first (as always) and while there were a couple mixed experiences, I wanted to try him out since the good info I could find (here and on his profile) was really positive.

    Andy let me know when his got in from AD and followed up on the details. He arrived on the dot and was totally charming and handsome. With clothes on he seems like just a really nice, friendly guy's guy that I'd run into at one of my friends club.....Yum.

    He had a really friendly easy vibe and we got right down to kissing and making out after having a quick drink (me vodka, him wine).

    His body is ridiculously beautiful... twink toned muscle perfectly like in the pics but not overly heavy and definitely no photoshop. Pics are early recent and entirely accurate.

    We had a really nice relaxed experience.

    Andy was a great top and bottom, sexy and aggressive but patient and nice when I needed a break.
    Lots of body kissing and nice connected but sweaty sex.

    We hungout for a while more and had a nice relaxed conversation about places we'd been, things we're doing etc. He also does dancing and given the specimen teaching I'd be wise to use those services if I could afford them.

    To summarize, this guy had great vibes, super-easy going and was extremely nice. If you want a humble friendly young man, confident gorgeous man's man who isn't obsessed about pretending to be "twink" this is the guy.

    Take care love.

    Thank you for letting me made you feel the BEST! I am maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but definitely will not let someone feel down, instead will give all that I can offer. ❤️
    You are so sweet indeed that’s why the connection and pleasure is surreal. I’m looking forward to serve you again in bed. See you soon love

  • Do you meet Indian couples?

    by anjaliverma1989 – 15 Jul 2021

    Message me on whatsApp

  • are you top or bottom

    by titotitoo97 – 12 Oct 2020

    Hello there. I am both.

  • hello twink , can you do threesome?

    by AFK – 4 Oct 2020

    Hi. Yes I can do it. Let me know when you wanted it to happen

  • sorry but i don’t use whatsapp you have email? or wechat? Thanks

    by greedybear – 30 Jul 2020

    OHH okay yes you can ping me on my wechat or email me so I can send you the details. Looking forward to meet you soon. Tnx

  • hello andy do you do out call for only massage?

    by greedybear – 30 Jul 2020

    Hi there! Yes I am up for in call and out call let me know when do you need me just text on my whatsApp.

  • You look nice, no wonder why I would ask you if you do out call and threesome?

    by mnxtrcum – 23 Jul 2020

    THANK such a nice compliment. Stop wondering yes I am OKAY with threesome and I am available always for in call either out call. Text me on whatsApp 00971581294287

  • Look eleganté Andy with your photos which I really love i must say. but one thing I am curious are you only bottom? Tnx

    by XXXCow – 21 Jul 2020

    Good Day xxxcow

    Thanks for saying that I am elegant.
    Well I can satisfy you with me being top or bottom coz I am a versatile male companion. Would love to see you if you wish too. Text me on whatsApp

  • Sexy bum just the perfect lick needed for it. You are available for out call? Can you top?

    by mastrkink – 15 Jul 2020

    All of them say it that I got a nice ass anyways thank you ❤️ to answer your question—- YES I am always ready for out call, I am versatile so nothing to worry about. Text or call me on my number 00971581294287. Seeyah.

  • All nice reviews curious if you do sex without condom? Are you available for in call?

    by blubbcozy – 11 Jul 2020

    hello there I prefer safe sex so with CONDOM always. Yes I am open for in call service. Message or call me @ 0581294287

  • Hi andy do you do in call? What's your typical client like?

    by xxx00 – 22 Jun 2020

    YES I am available In call or Out call. Typical client.. I don't have one. My clients are incredibly diverse in terms of their social class, age, marital status, profession and sexual preferences. Happy singles, lonely people, gay, straight, married couples, lovers, couples with friends, couples with other escorts – it's all work for me. I generally do attract more men than women. From my personal experience, people you'd least suspect would pay for sex often have a more conflicted relationship with their sexual fantasies. The more they repress their desires, the stronger they come out in bed.

  • Interesting guy.. Have you ever agreed to have sex without a condom?

    by gatbsybrit – 18 Jun 2020

    Hi. No. People who sleep around are normally the ones who are most worried of getting an STD, so it's rare that you're asked to do that. I always have safe sex – it's not worth the risk.

    If you need safe sex contact me thru my whatsApp. Thank you.

  • hi there andy. we are looking for something new, me and my wife so we contacted/asked one of the best shemale in town to do orgy. Are you cool with this? Beep me back soon! Tnx

    by Jeffcox – 8 Jun 2020

    A pleasant day to you jeff. OF COURSE! I don’t have issues with that at all just simply let me know when and where you want me to come. You know that I’m one call away 😘😉 seeyah. Text me on whatsApp too.

  • Hey huge bum Andy I hope everything is well. I’m checking on you last week & you are not showing on the website? You are still in Dubai? Tnx

    by hungrybeast – 6 Jun 2020

    GOOD DAY sorry I accidentally deleted my account last week 😅 my bad. Anyways you can contact me straight by calling or text me on whatsApp. Choose the best date and time you need me and I will be there 😉❤️ Ciao

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