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  • Verified photos️MONA hight ( 5.7 ) fit/More 3 days - escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Wow.. Finally met Mona.. She gave me exactly what I wanted.. Amazing Farts..she was way too gassy than I imagined.. Filled my lungs with her hot farts straight into my open the beginning she resisted a bit.. But in Hindi you say "Savar ka fal mitha hota hai "

    This is so disgusting the way of insulting Me
    I don't know when we met or not ...but I'll tell u if u pay me extra money k also after that I won't be do this coz I'm not like illiterate Girl it mister
    You shud recpct every women basturd before writing kind of for anyone think next time opinion I think u do this to with your gf or wife that's why this is your taste ....🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Verified photos"THE BOMBSHELL UNLEASHED"Amedala" - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Best girl ever. I had a very secret fantasy of sucking fart out of her ass. She fulfilled it. She farted into my open mouth when I blow air into her ass. She is a goddess

    Oh haha I just tried to give you what you want.. And I hope you enjoyed it.. See you again soon 🔜 ciao

  • Briana - escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 2 / 5

    Figure is fine. Not so good looking. Over confident that she is too beautiful. Did not even put any make up. It was a turnoff.. Throughout the session she also kept on farting. She farted on me while 69 . Yuck.. I left the place. Will come back next time only if she agrees for 2k for 1 hour.

    This is pure malice and hatred . I have not offered any services from 17th August till now . Guys ignore this hater. This is what he does as a fettish, check out his other review for another girl he’s written for . He inquires services quoting a very low price and if you decline his offer he writes a negative review . I hope this review will be pulled down as I am making a complain right away .

  • Verified photosElitè Diana in Cam session - escort in Chennai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    It was my dream come true. Since childhood I used to dream about meeting someone like Diya. She fulfilled my deepest fantasies. I always wanted a Bengali girl to fart in my mouth. I asked her if she could do it to me. Although she was shy in the beginning but she finally farted in my mouth. I had to blow some air with my mouth to her butthole to make her rip a few but rest were natural farts. She said she had ilis maas.

    Whaaaaaaaaat?? We never met ! This is really a wrong review ...oh dear lord ! I mean seriously had I been not in this business , I wouldn't have known there are so many creepy people out here .

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