Escort News Chennai: new answers to questions

  • 2 Dec
    • Hello dear
      Like your profile!
      Will you be visiting Mumbai too ?

      by chrisss83m (5 other questions) – 2 Dec 2021

      Hello, Dear


  • 1 Nov
    • Hi avabile now

      by Rock_16 – 1 Nov 2021


  • 6 Oct
    Bubblycandy Tamil Independent answered a question
    • M from mumbai will u meet me ??

      by viversameer (68 other questions) – 6 Oct 2021

      If you pay my charges then I can meet you no bargains

  • 24 Sep
    • Why no one reply on WhatsApp??

      by Faisal993 – 24 Sep 2021

      Can you answer this question yourself?

  • 4 Sep
    Bubbly Candy Tamil escort answered a question
    • Im working in chennai too , are you comfy in leela palace ? Oyo keeps camera every where thats , you insisted no anal , will u allow to suck your anal and fingering it , if you’re free nd available mention the time and date ,

      by Userfromindia (6 other questions) – 4 Sep 2021

      Text me on whatsapp for futher information. Thanks

  • 3 Sep
    Bubblycandy Tamil Independent answered 2 questions
    • dont want to meet people from west india??

      by rakesh7454 (5 other questions) – 3 Sep 2021

      I meet decent people only. Text me in whatsapp to discuss

    • Have a couple of questions
      Do u give shower sex?.
      Does cob include face means a facial?
      are u available in a saree outfit?

      by nihal_1 (5 other questions) – 6 Aug 2021

      I do shower sex and cob is allowed no face cum allowed I wear only western no saree or Indian outfits I prefer.

  • 20 Jun
    Pia Mehta answered a question
    Pia Mehta - escort in Chennai
    • Provide our service rates.

      by sathyashrayan – 20 Jun 2021

      Fill up the contact form for charges

  • 30 May
    • Hello mistress, I’m a foot slave. I would love to be collared by you and be treated as a pet. I would love to bow under your heels and lick them till they become pretty clean and beg to lick your feet like a slutty bitch and you slap me har

      by Christiansam212 (102 other questions) – 30 May 2021

      Hello, Dear Christiansam212!

      Thank you so much for your interest!

      Foot fetish is my favorite!

      WhatsApp me for more details.

  • 24 May
    • Hi Bhawna. Your Pics are beautiful. Will you travel to chennai for a night ?

      by UN (2 other questions) – 24 May 2021

      Thankyou I I'll travel to Chennai
      Please contact me in WhatsApp

  • 22 Apr
    • hey baby ! i want webcam service, how much i need to pay for 30 min???

      by deepakray91 (14 other questions) – 22 Apr 2021

      dear please chat on whatsaap

  • 16 Apr
    Mariea answered 2 questions
    Mariea - escort in Chennai
    Mariea - escort in ChennaiMariea - escort in Chennai
    • do you provide full night session, if so what is the donation.

      by tagih21647 (3 other questions) – 16 Apr 2021

      Yes I do

    • Could you please list down your services?

      by tagih21647 (3 other questions) – 16 Apr 2021

      I provide massage smooching. hardcore fucking kissing ,sex shower,blowjob ,doggy style

  • 9 Apr
    Nina answered a question
    Nina - escort in Chennai
    Nina - escort in ChennaiNina - escort in Chennai
    • Do you have a friend who can join with us for a threesome?

      by Jaggi (58 other questions) – 9 Apr 2021

      Yes, i have friend kindly whatsapp me

  • 12 Feb
    • are you in dubai

      by tojgt (7 other questions) – 12 Feb 2021

      Hello, Dear tojgt!

      Thank you for your interest!

      My first tour 2021 will be in Dubai!


      So, please, book in advance.

      Tha dates MARCH 4 th-11 th

      Reference or/and deposit mandatory

      For booking, please, write me on WhatsApp with following info:

      1.Your name, age.
      2.When do you want to meet.
      3.What do you prefer-screening or deposit.

      Naughty kisses 💋💋💋

    • Why u dont have any reviews bb ? And is your ass natural cause it looks very big

      by rashwan82 (51 other questions) – 16 Oct 2020

      Hello, rashwan82!

      I have very strict conditions for the selection of those people with whom I am ready to meet, from the general mass that they write to me if you take it for 100%, I actually meet with 5%, maybe 10% of people, it is important for me that the person is psychological and socially adequate. According to my observations, such people are busy with business and work and they do not have time to write review .In my opinion, writing review is fun for idlers who cannot afford premium service.

      Yes, my body is completely natural, when I see fit I will send you a video, but it will only be my decision, I do not send a video just on demand.

    • U r so fucking rude in ur answers... If u r like this on whatsapp and here, then I wonder how ur services will be

      by Joeblack (177 other questions) – 10 Oct 2020

      Service at McDonald's where you eat.

      P.S. Do you swallow cum?

    • 1 want 1 shot OWO keep throat and come on face face , how much dear?

      by evansaylmer9920 (24 other questions) – 9 Oct 2020

      I want shot fuck you with my strapon and spit on your face, how much dear?

    • only bdsm, no sex?

      by LJ_1 (11 other questions) – 8 Oct 2020

      I am a sex therapist by training.

    • Full service?

      by LJ_1 (11 other questions) – 8 Oct 2020