Male Escort News Chennai: new answers to questions

  • 23 Nov
    Shane answered a question
    Shane - Male escort in Chennai
    Shane - Male escort in ChennaiShane - Male escort in Chennai
    • Hi Shane,
      Will you be able to meet me tomorrow evening?

      by anjalinirusha – 23 Nov 2021

      Please send me your details on email. See you soon.. XOxo

  • 9 Nov
    Stalin Raju answered a question
    • Does the same rate applicable for incall too . Incall means house or hotel?. do you speak hindi/kannada?

      by punithachn – 9 Nov 2021

      Incall means at my place. At present I am not taking any incalls due to logistical issues. we can meet at a mutually agreed place depending upon your need. I don't speak Hindi or kanada ,but have decent proficiency in English, tamil and telugu. Contact me through the mentioned mail id for any other doubts/discussions.

  • 16 Oct
    Handsome Hunk answered a question
    Handsome Hunk - Male escort in Chennai
    • I hired him few days back for a threesome with my husband. Completely down to earn man, so wild in bed. He is a complete package what a women craves for sexually. Blind go if you are looking for a trustworthy yet professional escort.

      by Kirtiprakash (1 other question) – 16 Oct 2021

      Thank you so much mam. Even i enjoyed a lot. I am really happy that you liked it. Desperately waiting to meet you again.😉😘😘

  • 26 Aug
    Sidspassion answered a question
    Sidspassion - Male escort in Chennai
    Sidspassion - Male escort in ChennaiSidspassion - Male escort in Chennai
    • Kindly pine me ASAP

      by kifoca7765 – 26 Aug 2021

      Kindly leave your review, if possible.

  • 5 Aug
    Sharan answered a question
    • Hai Sharan, do you suck lick eat pussy and rim asshole ??? Will you allow to do face sitting, cum on face and take golden shower ??

      by Lakshmy_Priya – 5 Aug 2021

      Yes ma'am, I do deep sucking, licking, tongue play etc and am also a Pro oral player and Yoni Massage therapist too.
      Yes I rim, finer asshole too and u can sit on my face and ride me with your pussy & cum on my face and am ready to take golden shower.
      Am open to all kind of crazy, kinky fantasies and fun to the core. You can use me however you want when I am with you Ma'am.
      Feel free to reach me in whatsapp if you have any doubts or need any details/clarifications. Thanks for your time and consideration ma'am.

  • 14 Jul
    Handsome Hunk answered 3 questions
    Handsome Hunk - Male escort in Chennai
    • I must say that i had amazing sex after a very long time. My husband is in abroad due to covid lockdown. I hired him and i would never forget the amazing session i had. Thank you so much dear. You were so professional and caring. C u soon.

      by snesharma1996 – 14 Jul 2021

      Thank you so much for your valuable feedback mam. Even i had a blast. Waiting for our next session..😘

    • Hey Handsome. Good to see you back. Let me know if you are you available tomorrow evening for hardcore session.😍😍

      by Kirtiprakash (1 other question) – 3 Jul 2021

      Hii mam. Please whatsapp me.. Will discuss everything over there.. Thank you..

    • After a big break met him yesterday. It was the best session we have ever had.. Amazing performance and techniques.. Even now while typing this i am so sore down there. Thank you dear. Its always so passionate with you. See you soon..😍😍

      by Sadia_1 – 3 Jul 2021

      Thank you so much maam.. I am really thankful to all my regular clients for trusting in me. I had a wonderful time after a big break. Definitely would be looking forward to meet you again.

  • 11 Jan
    Your Boy answered a question
    • How much do u charge for full night?

      by Zoya_11 (1 other question) – 11 Jan 2021

      Do Whatsapp for more info.!